Advocare Success Tips: How to Make Money with Advocare

What is the key to making money with Advocare?

Actually, it’s quite simple.

To make money with Advocare, you must do three things.

You must have retail customers, you must sponsor new distributors, and you must drive depth in your organization.

While you can make money just by selling the products or just by sponsoring others, I truly believe it is a wise move to do BOTH of these things at the same time.

We will cover my success tips in more detail below.

# 1 Get Customers

First and foremost, you need to find retail customers for your Advocare business.

All businesses need customers.

Retail customers purchase the products from you at the suggested retail cost.

This puts immediate profits in your pocket and gives you money to reinvest back into your business.

I recommend you try to find at least 10-20 loyal personal retail customers who will reorder from you every month BEFORE you try to sponsor people into the business.

The best place to find customers is in your warm market.  

The more customers you can find, the more money you can make.

More importantly, teach your team members to do the same thing.

What would your team look like if every distributor on your team had 10-20 retail customers?

Advocare Success TipsIn most cases, you will make more from customers than you will from distributors (initially anyway).

You see, most of the people you sponsor as distributors will only stick around 60 to 90 days before they quit the business, so there is little residual income with distributors (since most quit).

Yes, there are a few exceptions, especially if you sponsor a really good distributor, but you have to sponsor a lot of people to find a few who stick around for any period of time.

However, if you can find a good customer who really loves the product, they will stick around much longer than most distributors will.

All you have to do is treat them well, stay in touch and provide great customer service.

And here’s the million dollar point.  Most of your best business builder distributors will start out as customers first.

People who join because they love the products, rather than people who join simply to make money, will be your best people.

After all, a happy and satisfied customer is your best prospect for the business.

People who are REALLY passionate about the products will naturally want to share them with others.

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For some reason, most distributors are only taught to only focus on recruiting distributors.

I think that is a BAD move.

Here’s why.

If you talk to 100 people about starting their own network marketing business, you might be lucky and find three to five people who are interested (if that).

However, talk to those same people about products that can help them get healthy, you should easily be able to find at least 15-20 customers.

NOTE: Individual results will vary.

Here’s something to remember.

Only 5% of the population likes to sell, but 100% of the population likes to buy.  

The key takeaway is to lead with the products, find customers, and then upgrade your customers into distributors.  

How do you find customers?

You talk to people.

You set up at events.

You communicate with friends on social media.

You use the products and develop your own product story.

This is a people business.

You won’t build your business hiding behind your computer.

# 2 Sponsor 100-200 Distributors

Next, I recommend you personally sponsor 100 to 200 distributors as quickly as you can, preferably in your first two to three years in the business.

Once again, you can do this by upgrading customers into distributors and by approaching business minded people about the business opportunity.

This might sound like a lot of people to recruit, but if you recruit just one person a week for three years you would personally recruit 156 people.  

To recruit one person a week, you will probably need to talk to 15-20 people per week, which is simply 2-3 people per day.

Anyone can talk to 2-3 people a day!

This business is simply a numbers game.

The more exposures you make the more money you will make.

In most companies (individual results will vary), here is what you can expect.

  • About 1 in 5 you sponsor will do anything at all
  • About 1 in 5 who do anything at all will be a rock star
  • You need about five rock stars to make a large income
  • 90% of your income will probably come from the efforts of 1-3 people on your team

What does this mean?

It means that you will have to sponsor approximately 125 people to find 25 people who do something to build their business to find 5 rock stars who generate 90% or more of your income. 

Your numbers will vary a little based upon your skills, the quality of people you talk to, and even a little bit of luck.

But these seem to be about the norm in the industry.

Most top earners have sponsored 100-200 people personally.

# 3 Work in Depth

Furthermore, as you grow your team you must work in depth, at the bottom most point of your organization.

Always work with the newest most excited person on your team regardless of where they are at in your organization.

Typically, your best people will come in depth and will not be personally sponsored by you.

In other words, you must help your personally sponsored distributors build a team.

The only way to succeed with Advocare is to help others succeed.

Ideally, you want to drive each leg of your organization at least 20 levels deep as quickly as possible.

By doing so, you will find additional leaders in depth to work with, and you will secure your leg.

Some folks call this building a taproot leg.

Remember, the width of your organization determines your profitability, but the depth in your organization provides the long-term security.

Most of the top earners in Advocare have thousands of people in their team and they earn a little bit from each person’s efforts.

More importantly, they did not personally bring all of these people into the business.

They sponsored 100-200 like we talked about earlier (or maybe more) and then they focused on helping their key people succeed.

To work in depth, you must keep a close eye on your distributor report to see who is working the business.

Look for people who are retailing, sponsoring people, building a team and then offer them your help.

Reach out to them and see if there is any way you can serve them.

In addition, when you first sponsor someone, get into their warm market as quickly as you can.

Help them get a few people sponsored and then start working with their most exciting person.

Keep repeating this process over and over until you have five good leaders in the leg.

At that point the leg should grow on its own.

Final Thoughts

By focusing on these three activities, you will succeed at making money with Advocare.

You will have immediate profits in your business, you will build up a nice residual income, and you will potentially earn leadership and advancement bonuses from the company.

Your key to success is consistency.

Get started, be consistent and never quit!

Get More Advocare CustomersAdditionally, make sure you spend MOST of your time on these money making activities: prospecting, showing the plan, acquiring customers, following up, and training your team.

To the best of my knowledge, these are the only activities that put money in your pocket!

Cleaning your office, sorting files, watching YouTube videos, attending conference calls and webinars, and surfing the internet do not count as time worked in your Advocare business.

What are your thoughts?

If you are in Adovcare and have experienced good results building your business, leave a comment and let us know your best Advocare Success Tips.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Advocare is a registered trademark.  I am in no way affiliated with the company, nor have I been in the past. Individual results will always vary.

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59 thoughts on “Advocare Success Tips: How to Make Money with Advocare”

  1. Having 10-20 loyal customers seems great but it could take some time to get them. Wouldn’t it be better to start with everything (selling and sponsoring people) from the beginning?

    It makes complete sense to find people that love the Advocare products because then they can really promote them. Someone who doesn’t like the products and just wants to make some quick cash isn’t going to stick around for the long run. So I better get out there and find a lot of Advocare lovers because chances are, some of them will also want to become distributors.

    1. Getting friends and family as customers is a good start. If people honestly took the time to make a list of everyone they know, they could easily find 10-20 customers. Just my two cents.

  2. I love that they themselves used the products they sell. I never tried them but someone I used to work with did their 24 day challenge. She not only quit smoking but lost 3 dress sizes. She looked like a whole new person in under a year. I am not sure about sales with them but I know their products work.

  3. I especially like the advice in paragraph 5: focus on talking to new people about the products rather than the business opportunity. I am not sure why there is such a huge emphasis on leading with recruiting efforts from the very start. You mention in many of your posts that it is important to lead with the product, and I agree. If the people like your product, whether it is for their own use, or for gifts, or just that they see enough the value in the products, they are leaving the door open to the chance that they may someday join your business. Maintain that positive relationship. Let them know that your door is open, but let them come to you. It will probably lead to a longer relationship.

    1. Good point, Faye. The products are the business. If no one is ordering the products each month, no one makes money. You can recruit people until the cows come home, but if your new folks don’t order the Advocare products frequently you are wasting your time.

    2. The other point in leading with the products is the fact that this way the customers will use and discover all the great things about the products. When they do choose to be distributors, they will understand the products and it will be easier for them. If a person loves the products, they are much easier to sell. Everyday people sell products and do not even earn a commission. They tell others how much they love an item and that person tries it because of the person who referred them.

      1. Yes, if you get people using the Advocare products first, and people like them, there is a good chance they will want to become a distributor. And even if they don’t become a distributor, you will still have a loyal customer.

      2. Chuck does a great job of explaining why you should lead with the product. I have never used the Advocare products before but his suggestions on working the business make sense. Promoting good products will beat out promoting the business opportunity every time.

  4. I just became a distributor and was wondering..

    1. Has anyone advertised on a billboard? I called and almost 8,000 cars daily go by this one I like

    2. Does anyone use car magnets?

    3. Should I get flyers or business cards made up and who would I give them to?

    1. I would not waste my money on a billboard. They are expensive and definitely not for the new person.

      A car magnet could work, and might be worth a shot.

      Business cards are good, so are flyers.

      My best advice is to get a couple retail customers first from your friends and family. Let your retail profits pay for these things.

      I hope that helps.

      1. I agree with the advice against the billboard. They are ridiculously expensive, and many people object to them on the grounds of calling them “visual litter”. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and just get caught up in that hype. Unless you are in Times Square, (and maybe even then), nothing screams “tacky” like a gigantic billboard. There is nothing wrong with doing as Chuck says, and starting out small. Or at least start out “manageable”.

    2. Chuck has posted many other articles around all the subjects you asked here. I agree with him on the fact about a billboard being much too expensive. You may want to try a car wrap or simple back window advertising on your car…these seem to work well. Car magnets are also very useful.

      As for fliers and business cards, the business cards are an absolute. You can give them to anyone who shows interest, but more importantly, get their business card. The money is in following up with people. Fliers do also work too.

      Click around this blog and you will discover a ton of great advice.

  5. I have to admit that I am not familiar with Advocare, but I did read the article and your other readers comments because the advice that you give here can be easily transferred to succeed in most MLM businesses. I agree with many of your other commenters: find a mentor. Find someone to help show you the ropes, coach you, motivate you, and hopefully help hold you accountable to yourself. Even if you are unable to find a mentor, find someone within your MLM company of choice that you wish to emulate, and then watch them closely.

  6. I’ve been a distributor with AdvoCare for 6 months and have run through my friends and family contacts on Facebook. I’ve generated about 10 customers. How do I start getting customers outside of these contacts?

    1. You can ask them for referrals. You can start talking to two or three people a day. You can join the gym and connect with health oriented people. You can advertise in the newspaper. You could start a health newsletter. You could make YouTube videos. You could start a health and wellness blog. I could go on and on. You are only limited to your creativity.

    2. All sorts of businesses offer referral gifts to existing customers, so why not MLM business owners? If an existing customer refers a new customer who then makes a purchase, give a small gift to that existing customer. If you have in-home parties or events (many MLM business owners do), have a small gift for any invitee who shows up and brings a friend (or more). Be creative. Think about what has enticed you to either purchase a product or refer friends to a business in the past, and adapt that idea to your own situation.

    3. Hello Corrine,
      I have had many people ask me this. Perhaps it comes easier to some than others depending on the environment they are in. I always have business cards or catalogs with my contact name on them with me. I use the products I market, so when people see the products, they will often ask. I also leave catalogs in nice bathrooms that have a sitting room. I have asked for permission to leave them in doctor’s offices too, but more importantly, just casually bringing up what you do with people you are in contact with is a natural approach. I have met so many people through my children, their school, their extra-curricular activities that have kept my business going. Also, ask for referrals. I have several clients that were referred to me because of my clients being satisfied customers.

      I had not heard of Advocare before today, so I quickly went to their website to see what industry it was in. Use the products. Use them in front of people. Carry a binder with the catalog slipped into the clear sleeve, anything to increase awareness in your circle. Also, I am a big believer in getting involved in your community. Join the chamber of commerce, a sales organization, a charity or volunteer organization. This will keep you meeting people and help you hone your professional skills.

      I wish you great success!

  7. So I just became a distributor last week and really need some tips on how to get retail customers. I never sold anything before and I am VERY determined to make more income and spend more time with my daughters. Any tips on getting retail customers????

    1. Use the products yourself so you have a story to share.

      Always lead with the products, not the business.

      Pick a target market of people to talk to. Focus on one target market and talk to people in that demographic.

      Talk to at least five people a day.

      Keep some samples on hand.

      Stay persistent.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Good advice: always use the products and keep samples on hand. Your potential customers and recruits need to know that you believe in your product enough to use it and only it (when at all possible). Giving them samples of good, quality products backs up your words and gets people hooked on and excited about them too. I am glad to see so many people visiting your blog: you have a lot of good information to share.

  8. If you stick with Advocare and work at it like a business you WILL succeed. I was making $0 a month for 6 to 8 months but I did not stick with it. My good friend Kirk however, did stick with it and he has made a good amount of money over the last two years. Advocare is his life. I was unable to put that much of a commitment into it and as you can see one of us was not successful.

    1. All businesses, even part-time businesses, normally take a couple years just to get profitable. No matter what type of business you start, you should make a commitment to sell out to it for at least five years, especially if you are doing it part-time. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

  9. My wife and I have been with Advocare for almost five years now. We love the products. We have a small team and make a few hundred dollars per month, which basically pays for our product orders. I’m okay with that though. It’s a great company if you are willing to work it.

    1. You know Zikry, I just love hearing comments like yours. It is the love of the product that makes great distributors, and it is evident that you and your spouse love the products. It has been 5 years, and I truly believe that with the attitude you have, that income will grow bigger. Many businesses are not even making profits in today’s economy, but with the right attitude and determination, you can have profits from MLMs such as Advocare.

  10. I can tell by the tone of your advice that you believe in starting out with a lot of energy, focus, and drive! I think that most people slow down after a few days, weeks, or months after starting their Advocare business. I especially like the advice you give of basically going out for way more sponsors than you want. I’ve found this to be true of anything in life – if you want 30 people to attend a presentation, always, always invite 100!

    1. Most people fail because they don’t have the discipline to do the work. They’ll never admit that because it’s fun to blame your failure on someone other than yourself, but it’s true.

  11. If all mentors would explain their MLMs as simply as you did here, it would drive more people to get out and make their business work.

    The figures that Charles put here are very sensible. Getting 10-20 retail customers can be simple. Just visit friends and family. The same with 20-40 distributors. If you pitch 100 people in a weeks time, I see you being a highly successful marketer.

    Let’s see, 100 people; in six days that is 17 people a day. We easily meet and talk with many more than 17 people a day.

    As Charles pointed out here, let numbers work for you. Make a plan and follow it. Before you know it you will have a highly successful Advocare business, and you will feel both pride and joy knowing you did it right.

    1. Thanks for the comment. This is simple advice, but the bottom line is that most people won’t follow it. Just getting 10-20 customers alone can make you $300 to $1000 in profit each month. To me, that is a successful part-time business. Add in a few distributors, and teach them to do the same, and you can make a really nice income.

      1. The other part of the equation comes easy too Chuck. You even mentioned it slightly. Many of the customers you have attained will be willing to become distributors. When you explain to them how they can save even more, or make money and still get the products they now love, they will be willing to become distributors, and they have better chances of staying because they love the products. The key is

        1: Get customers
        2: Turn the customers into distributors.

        As many say… KISS

        Keep It Simple and Stupid

        1. There is no better advice I can give to anyone on this page than lead with the products, get customers and then upgrade your happy customers into business building distributors.

      1. By successful peploe, you have to first be a great follower before you can be great leader. As mentioned, you will have to step out of your comfort zone too. MLM/NWM is one of the best industries where by one can learn how to become a winner themselves and learn to lead others into greatness. Great leaders follow the team concept:T-ogether E-veryone A-chieves M-ore.

  12. These are some great success tips, Chuck. I’ve been struggling to build my Advocare business for the past 11 months. Hopefully, this can help me get over the hump.

  13. These are all great points, Chuck. I’ve been with Advocare about 13 months now and love it. I’m making about $1000 per month and have a team of 90 distributors and customers. I hope to keep growing my business in the months and years to come.

  14. If you want to make more money with Advocare, I would:

    1. Find a mentor
    2. Get a bunch of customers
    3. Sponsor some leaders
    4. Work in depth
    5. Make a game plan
    6. Be persistent and consistent

    And never quit!

  15. Here are some of my best Advocare Success Tips.

    1. Find a mentor
    2. Use the products
    3. Do something to grow your business every day
    4. Stick with the company 5+ years
    5. Focus on getting customers
    6. Study marketing
    7. Take your business online

    I hope that helps.

  16. You do need retail customers in order to profit. You have to have good marketing and advertising strategies in order to attract retail customers. Having solid marketing and advertising skills gets your retail product(s) out there and makes them appealing to retail customers so that they desire to purchase those products. It is then good customer service that helps to retain those customers so they keep coming back for more.

    1. So true, Diamond. I meet so many folks in Advocare and other MLM Companies that do nothing but try to recruit distributors. Personally, I think that’s a horrible strategy. I think it would be much wiser to focus on getting retail customers. This is where you make immediate retail profits. Assuming your customers like the products, and you treat them well, many of these folks will keep reordering month after month, which puts residual profits in your pocket. And some of these folks will upgrade and become Advocare distributors. That’s just what you want, someone who is a product of the product.


      1. It just amazes me when people in an MLM be it Advocare, or any other are consumed with recruiting distributors. The business stays alive not from strictly distributors. As a matter of fact, the business won’t survive if there are no retail customers. I believe a person should look at 5 retail customers for every 1 distributor. What are your thoughts?

  17. There are other ways to develop a good flow of residual income besides selling Advocare products. Blogging is always popular and writing about what you love, like you’re doing here, has made many people successful. Just like Advocare though, it requires a concerted, consistent effort; you just can’t give up.

    1. I agree with you that there are many different ways to make money online or offline. While Advocare is a great business model, it is by no means the only business model.

      1. I also agree that there any plenty of ways to earn an income online, or not. Advocare does seem to have a great business model, per your review, and I enjoy reading not only your thoughts, but the thoughts of all of your commenters. There are so many good ideas here. I also like to read about the challenges that some of your readers face: it is good to learn from your own challenges, but I think that it can be just as effective to learn from the challenges of others if you pay close enough attention.

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