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Welcome to my AdvoCare business review page. AdvoCare is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in health and wellness products. Their core products include weight management, nutrition and sports performance.

Listed below are a few interesting AdvoCare facts, in no particular order:

• Charlie Ragus founded the company in 1993. Prior to joining the company, he was a Herbalife distributor for approximately six years.

• The company is privately held

• The company is located in Carrollton, Texas

• It is a member of the Direct Selling Association

• Their most well known product is the Spark® Energy Drink

• Net Sales in 2009 were just under $100 million

• The company employs approximately 250 people

• The company slogan is “We Build Champions”

• There are approximately 50,000 independent distributors in the United States

• Since 2010, NFL® Superstar Drew Brees is the official spokesman

• The company received the Direct Selling Association Innovation Award in 2008

• Charlie Ragus came up with the name for the company by combining the words “advocate” and “care”

• AdvoCare sponsors the Independence Bowl, Operation Home-front, and the College Football Assistance Fund

• As of 2011, Richard Wright is the company CEO

How to Work with the Company

There are four ways to get involved with Advocare. First and foremost, you can become a retail customer. This option is completely free. When you become an AdvoCare customer you can purchase products at the suggested retail price. The second way to join the company is as a Distributor at 20%. When you choose this option, you become a wholesale buyer and receive a 20% discount on your product purchases.  This is a great way to save money, even if you aren’t interested in building a team.

Your third choice is to become a Distributor at the 20% to 40% discount. With this option you are a wholesale buyer who also refers the products to other people. Your final option is to become an Advisor at 40%, also known as a Business Builder. This option is for the person who wants to use the products themselves, find customers, sponsor other AdvoCare Distributors and potentially earn a large income with the company.

How to Earn Money with Advocare

Next, there are five different ways to earn money with AdvoCare. The first way to make money is to find retail customers. When you find customers, you keep the wholesale-retail markup as immediate profit. This can range from 20 to 40% depending upon what level you bought in at. The next way to make money with the company is wholesale commissions. When you sponsor other Distributors you can earn up to 20% profit on their sales.

Next, you can earn overrides on your organization’s volume. The fourth way to earn money is leadership bonuses. As you progress through the rank levels, you can earn an additional 3% to 19% bonus from your organization’s sales. The final way to make money with AdvoCare is incentives, trips, and other bonuses. If you are a top performer with the company, the company will reward you very well for your efforts with cash prizes, trips, etc.

Getting Started with Advocare

To get started with Advocare, you need a sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who initially shared the business opportunity or products with you. He or she will train you, motivate you and help you get started with your own business. In essence, they are your own AdvoCare Success Coach. Once you have a sponsor, you must agree to the company’s terms and conditions and pay the enrollment fee.  After you do that, you now have your own business!

What I Like about the Company

One thing I really admire about Advocare is the number of endorsements they have from hundreds of professional athletes and famous people. Some of their key endorsers include Michael Redd of the NBA®, PBA® Champion Bowler Chris Barnes, Christian Music Singer Michael W. Smith, Julius Jones of the NFL® and tons of other athletes. With this many endorsements, this company obviously has their act together.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I believe Advocare is a great business opportunity for anyone looking to get involved in network marketing or start a home-based business. The company has a great reputation, strong financial backing, effective leadership, exceptional products, a great compensation plan, lots of endorsers, and awesome distributor support. Your key to success is to find a top earner with the company and join their team. Once you do that, you need to get started, listen to their advice, work your business daily, and never quit. If you can find new customers and sponsor new distributors each month, you will achieve success.

On a side note, help spread the word about AdvoCare. If you are currently or formerly involved with the company, I would like to hear from you. What is your favorite product? What did you do to achieve success with the company? Please share your opinions and/or testimonials by leaving a comment below. If approved, your story will be available for the rest of our online community to read and comment on. Thanks.

Disclaimer: Please know that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. All information was conducted from independent research online. The name is a registered trademark owned by the company.

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1 thought on “Advocare Business Review”

  1. I can speak from a customer POV about Advocare. I love Spark. As a single, working mom of 3 kids, I am usually running in fifty directions on a good day. Spark helps so much, and I can really tell a difference in when I use it regularly and when I don’t. I tried doing the 24 day challenge, but the vitamins made me shaky and gave me headaches, so I just stick to Spark.
    I have several friends who are distributors, and a few of them have done exceptionally well!

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