Advice from a MLM Millionaire: 36 Key Lessons

In today’s post I want to share some advice I learned from a MLM Millionaire. I won’t say his name or his company, but here is a link to the video where I learned these basic success concepts.

This guy has been a legend in our industry for nearly 40-years now. He’s built a dynasty that most people only dream of. I have tremendous respect for the guy.

Listed below are some of the key lessons I learned from him. Each lesson is in bold and italics. These are paraphrased for simplicity. After each lesson I will provide my own two cents. Enjoy.

Advice from a MLM Millionaire

Advice from a MLM Millionaire: 36 Life-Changing Business Lessons

# 1: Get tons of experience as quickly as possible; get in front of customers and recruits.

You need to take massive action from day one in your business so you can learn the ropes as quickly as possible. The best way to learn something is by doing it over and over again. Experience will make you better at what you do!

# 2: Don’t focus on results; focus on activities and experience.

You can’t control what your prospects say or do. You can’t control what your team does. You can’t control the results you get. However, you can control what YOU do. And that is what you should focus on: the things that you can control. This means you focus on talking to people and improving your skills.

# 3: You only lose because you can’t close.

You must be able to ask for the sale. You shouldn’t use pressure or hype, but you do need to be able to look someone in the eyes and ask them to buy from you. If you can’t do that, your business won’t grow.

# 4: If you can’t overcome objections, you can’t get people involved.

Most of your prospects will have a least one objection, and probably more than that. This is very normal. You must know the most common objections and how to overcome them if you want to learn how to get more sales and signups.

# 5: Teach your people to be mentally tough.

This business is not for the weak. You will deal with rejection, a lot. You can’t take things personal. Anticipate rejection and deal with it. Don’t let it bog you down or force you to quit.

# 6: Most people would be bankrupt if they went just two pay periods without getting paid.

Most people in the world are broke, regardless of how much money they make. Most people would go bankrupt in 30-days or less if they didn’t get their next paycheck. This is exactly why people NEED an extra income stream.

# 7: Teach people the fundamentals.

The fundamentals in this business include prospecting, inviting, showing presentations, follow-up, acquiring customers and training your team. Each rep needs to learn how to master these fundamentals if they want to be successful.

# 8: Get people to compete against each other.

Friendly competitions are a good thing. Have contests and competitions with your team whenever possible.

# 9: Put on great meetings.

If you’re going to have a meeting, do it well. Don’t waste people’s time. Make it exciting. Provide great content. Start and end on time. Mix things up from time-to-time.

# 10: People won’t quit if they have a great relationship with you.

Build relationships with everyone on your team. This is a numbers game initially, but after you sponsor people it becomes a relationship business.

# 11: Money is important, but the relationship is ten times more important.

Value your relationships with your team members more than your bonus check. This is a people business. The long-term money comes from the long-term relationships.

# 12: Get better very single month.

Every day, get a little bit better than you were yesterday. Stay consistent and let the Slight Edge principle kick in.

# 13: No one makes it overnight.

Success in business and life takes lots of time and hard work. This is not the lottery. It will take you YEARS to build a huge, successful business of any type.

# 14: Look at everybody like they can do it.

BELIEVE in your team members, even if they don’t believe in themselves.

# 15: Manage your time hour by hour.

Be very disciplined with your time. It is your most precious asset. Don’t confuse busy work with being productive. Plan your work and work your plan.

hector lamarque

# 16: I must do the most productive thing possible at any given moment in time.

Keep the main thing the main thing. Always ask yourself this question: “Is what I am doing right now the best use of my time?”.

# 17: Make every decision based on the long-term.

Take the long-term view with your business. Don’t let the quick dollar keep you from building a dynasty. Every decision you make in your business should be based on the long-term.

# 18: Don’t take things personal.

You will hear NO. You will get rejected. People will no show you. Most of your team members will quit. Don’t take it personal. Let it roll off your shoulders and press on.

# 19: Be tolerant of others.

Everyone is different. Value the differences you have with others. Don’t expect others to be exactly like you. Treat everyone with respect.

# 20: Be sold out.

Don’t be half in. Draw a line in the sand and put both feet on one side of the sand. Until you are sold out and 100% committed to your business, you won’t make it. You can’t half ass your way to success.

# 21: Always do what is right.

Have integrity and always do the right thing, even when people are not watching.

# 22: Make sure your team wins.

For you to become successful you have to help other people become successful. You can’t make it to the top by yourself. This is a team sport. Help your serious people get paid!

# 23: Focus on the positive.

Don’t let negativity take over your mind. Protect your attitude at all cost. Be positive, inspiring and uplifting. We become what we think about.

# 24: Stay in the trenches and never go into management mode.

It’s not your job to manage others. Get in the trenches, stay in the trenches, and never leave. Do the things you want your team to be doing. Inspire others by your actions and personal example.

# 25: Nobody can train your people as well as you can.

Train your team. Develop a simple training program that everyone can follow.

# 26: Never stop learning.

Be a student of your profession. Learn everything you can about your company, the industry, marketing and entrepreneurship.

# 27: The heart beat of the company is the new people.

New recruits are the lifeblood of your group. Always work with the newest, most excited person at the deepest level in your organization.

# 28: There is no easy way or shortcut to success.

Success requires hard work and temporary failure. There is no magic dust.

# 29: Spend time with your downline, not your upline, and set an example for them.

You make money by helping your team, not by spending time with your upline. The best way to help your team is to personally do the things that you want them to do.

# 30: Be the leader, not one of the guys.

Act like a leader. Set a sterling example for others to follow. Maintain your distance from others and be the type of person that others want to follow.

# 31: Focus on you; don’t worry about what your team isn’t doing.

You can only control what you do. Inspire others by your actions and work with the willing.

# 32: Focus on your goal.

Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve and ignore the distractions at all cost. Focus on one thing until successful.

# 33: Everyone says they want to be big, but only a few will pay the price.

Huge success requires a huge sacrifice. Everyone wants the lifestyle and money that the top earners have, but very few people are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

# 34: You’ve gotta be a self-improvement fanatic.

Strive to get better every single day. Work on your personal development like your life depends upon it, because your business will only grow as much as you do.

# 35: We all need someone who believes in us.

This is such sage advice. Everyone wants to feel important and have someone who brings out the best in us. Be that person to others.

# 36: You gotta have guts to succeed; talent won’t cut it.

Desire is the most important attribute for success in this industry. You need a big WHY. You must want success as much as you want the air that you breathe. Without guts, mental toughness and a big WHY, you will never make it. Lots of talented people fail in our industry because they don’t have the guts and desire.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it folks. I hope you have enjoyed today’s post with 36 lessons I learned from a MLM Millionaire. Leave a comment below and tell me which MLM Millionaire quote is your favorite and why. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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6 thoughts on “Advice from a MLM Millionaire: 36 Key Lessons”

  1. This is a list that should be shared with all of our team members. I learned a bunch just reading through this. Some of these that I want to comment on are:

    #3. Closing is one of the most important parts. No matter how great a presentation is, if you can’, or don’t ask for the sale, it was nothing.

    #23. Focusing on the positives no matter what is happening will lead us closer to success. Even in the most negative situations, there are some positives.

    and #35. We all do need someone who believes in us. If we look around, there is someone, and probably more than one.

    Great post sir!

  2. Mental toughness is one of the best tips to give someone. Mental toughness is more than just being hard. It is understanding the situation – reading it correctly and responding appropriately. Mental toughness is about believing in yourself and the product that you are marketing.
    Then the focus comes into play and you have the confidence and the ability to succeed beyond the limits that others set for you. You set your own limits.

  3. Getting out there and getting “hands on” experience is the best form of learning in this industry. While seminars and brochures can be a good starting point, you have to interact with people and start doing the actual work in order to get the real experience. As much research as I did before hand, it wasn’t until I really started to get in front of recruits and customers that I was able to hone in on my skills and grow.

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