Advice for New MLM Reps

Advice for New MLM Reps & Network Marketers

Today, I want to share some of my best advice for new MLM reps. These are tips, secrets, and lessons I have learned during the past 17-years in this wonderful industry. These are things I wish I would have known when I first joined the industry back in 2002.

I hope you will study the information on this page and apply it in your own business. I also hope you will teach this advice for new MLM reps to your team members, so they can be successful.

Advice for New MLM Reps

My Best Advice for New MLM Reps

With that being said, here is my best advice for new MLM reps:

# 1: Treat it Like a Million Dollar Business

The single biggest mistake most people in our industry make is they do not treat their business seriously, because they do not have much money invested in it. It’s easy to put your business on the back burner when you only have a few hundred dollars invested.

I encourage every MLM rep to ACT AS IF if they signed a check for one million dollars to start their business and they only have one year to earn it back. This business can easily outperform a traditional business, but most people fail because they treat this business like a hobby, and not like a serious business.

# 2: Get Plugged In

Don’t be a lone wolf. Get plugged in with your ACTIVE upline,. This may or may not be your sponsor. Get plugged in to your team’s weekly calls, Facebook group, and live events. Spend time with others who uplift you and encourage you and bring out the best in you. This is known as the Power of Association.

He who has a why can endure any how

# 3: Write Down Your Goals & Why

First off, you need to decide WHY you are doing the business. Without a big WHY you will not survive the challenges and setbacks you will experience. You should also write down your goals, so you can counsel with your successful upline and find out what you must do to reach those goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

# 4: Create a Work Schedule for Your Business

Come up with a daily work schedule for your network marketing business and follow it six days a week with NO EXCEPTIONS. Treat your business at least as seriously as you do your job. Show up every day and do the work, even when you don’t feel like it.

# 5: Say Less to More People

Say less to more people. The less you say to people the better. Be the messenger, not the message. The more you talk, the more you sound like a salesperson and scare off your prospects.

# 6: This is a Business of Exposures

Share your business with at least 20-30 NEW PROSPECTS per day. Leverage technology to do this. You can easily do this in 60 to 90-minutes per day if you work smart and stay disciplined with your time. The person who shares their products and business with the most people is the person who wins!

Networking is not about hunting

# 7: Have Realistic Expectations

Have realistic expectations about your business. You will not get rich overnight. It takes time to build a business and make money with any type of business. Give yourself at least TWO YEARS before you decide this is or isn’t for you.

Make sure your goals are aligned with your skills and activity level.

# 8: Focus On One Company

Only promote ONE MLM Company. No exceptions. You cannot chase two rabbits and be successful. I have yet to meet someone who built two MLM Companies at the same time and achieved success with either of them.

# 9: Know Your Compensation Plan

Know HOW you get paid. Understand your company’s compensation plan so you can maximize your pay.That means you should buy one of the starter kits, be on auto-ship, have sufficient retail customers, etc.

# 10: Focus On What You Can Control

Be the type of person you want to sponsor. Be the type of sponsor you wish you had. Always lead by example and do the things you want your team to do. Don’t have expectations for the people you sponsor. Don’t set goals that are based upon what others do. Focus on YOU! That is the only thing you control in your business.

It is what we make out of what we have

# 11: Work On Your Skills

To succeed with this business, you will need to take some time and effort to develop your skills. Just like any other profession, there are a few basic skills you must master if you want to succeed with network marketing. This includes people skills, leadership skills, lead generation skills and selling skills. Skills pay the bills.

You must also work on your personal development daily, because your business will only grow as much as you do.

# 12: Recruit Up

Leave your broke Uncle Larry alone. Instead, look for people who are already successful in life. Recruit other network marketers. Recruit people with credibility, contacts and influence. The people who NEED the business rarely do it. You are looking for busy people, successful people, people with a good attitude, red personalities, doers, achievers, etc.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this is my best advice for new MLM Reps. None of this is rocket science, but if you follow the advice for new MLM Reps on this page, you will definitely shorten your learning curve. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Thanks Chuck!

    Great post. I discovered your blog about a month ago, but I can tell you and everyone reading this: your blog teaches everything someone needs to know to be successful in network marketing.

    Although I haven’t been in the industry very long, the training I have received from this website is much better than what I have found on YouTube or other online websites. Chuck tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful.

    If I was to rate Eric Worre teachings to Chuck’s I will give Eric Worre a 6 and Chuck a 10 per the training I have received from both parties. Keep up with the great work. I will always check out all your new posts and also the link about your business isn’t working out whenever I click on it,it appears page not available check it out I will love to work with you.

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