Adult Toy Party MLM Companies

The adult toy industry is a big industry, doing more than a BILLION dollars in sales each year.  Combine that with network marketing and you have a win-win situation.

After doing some research online, I only found two adult toy party MLM Companies: Fantasia Home Parties and Intimate Expressions.  There could be more companies than this, but I couldn’t find any.

In my opinion, this means there is plenty of opportunity to participate in the adult toy industry as a network marketing distributor.

What I’d like to do below is briefly review each of the two adult toy MLM Companies I just talked about.   Please keep in mind both names are registered trademarks and I am not affiliated with either company.

Fantasia Home Parties

This company launched in 1984.  It was crated by Rina Valan and is located in New Jersey. Rina launched the company to help moms.  The company sells sex toys, lotions, body creams, massage items, body shave, candles and more.  There are products for both men and women alike.

You can join the company for just $49.  You earn a 50% wholesale-retail profit on your sales, plus you can earn additional bonuses and incentives.  There are no monthly minimum requirements, no inventory needed and no big kits or investments to buy.

Intimate Expressions

Intimate Expressions is a network marketing company located in Ohio.  They offer adult in-home romance parties. They sell lingerie, adult toys, education products, sensation items, novelty items and much more.

You can join the company for about $100  (at the present time).  You earn a 50% wholesale-retail markup on personal sales and you can earn overrides and commissions from your team’s sales.

Learn more about Intimate Expressions

What I Think

Selling adult toys via the party plan can be a very lucrative way to supplement or even replace your income.  I understand it’s not for everyone.  Some ladies might be uncomfortable selling adult toys, and that’s perfectly fine.   But, for other women it might be a great opportunity.

Here’s how it works.  You have someone host a party for you and invite over five to ten of their girlfriends.  You stop by and showcase your products and take orders.

You reward the hostess with a discount or some free products.  In many cases you can earn a couple hundred dollars or more in a couple hours, just by having an adult toy party (individual results will vary).

You can grow your business by recruiting other reps and by having more parties.  It really is that simple.  Best of all, you can schedule your business around your busy schedule and work it when you want to.

Like any other MLM Company, it takes hard work, a solid game plan and persistence.  But if you stick around long enough to develop the right skills and right mindset, there is no doubt in my mind you could do very well with an adult toy party MLM Business.

What are your thoughts?  Please tell us what you know about any adult toy party MLM Company.  Just leave a comment below to do so.

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3 thoughts on “Adult Toy Party MLM Companies”

  1. Just before I met and wed my Puerto Rican wife, she also was part of an MLM in this line. You don’t have it listed here, but it is a very discreet and well managed MLM. It is called Pure Romance and you will find that this MLM has grown quite rapidly.

    Pure Romance isn’t just adult toys, they also carry fragrances and other items for women. It works similar to the systems you posted. Parties are thrown and items sold.

    Thanks for the post Chuck.

      1. Maggie did somewhat well with it. It seems people love to purchase discreet adult toys. Here in Puerto Rico, there is a strong religious atmosphere, and once people discover you “deal” in items such as that, your reputation can go in the dirt. This can happen with even the most discreet sexual items. This is what took her away from it.

        Pure Romance is a great program. They provide reps with your own website, and the profits are good.

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