ACN Top Earner Distributors and Success Stories

Who are the Top Earning ACN Distributors?

ACN has plenty of real world success stories of people who have joined the ranks as an independent distributor and have achieved phenomenal success.

In fact, hundreds  of distributors have joined the company and earned a significant income.

Of course, some people fail with ACN too.

But the success stories prove that it is possible to succeed.

In the paragraphs below I want to share some of my favorite ACN Success Stories.

I will highlight several distributors and tell you a little bit about each person.

Please keep in mind that I don’t know the ACTUAL INCOME of each person below.

But according to the company website, these are some of the most successful distributors.

Nekoda Bragg 

I’ve always admired network marketing superstars.

Nekoda Bragg is one of those superstars. He is currently a top earner with ACN.

Nekoda Bragg comes from humble beginnings.

He was born in Phoenix, Arizona and has 12 siblings.

He grew up in California in a low income family.

When he first learned about network marketing in the early 1990s, he was a 21-year old part-time student working three different jobs.

He learned about network marketing while at a movie theater.

His first network marketing company was Excel Communications®.

He was an Executive Senior Director with Excel.

During his time in Excel®, he named his sales organization DYNASTY.

When Excel eventually went out of business, Nekoda switched companies and brought over part of his team to ACN®.

Within ACN, he is a top producer.

His is part of the Momentum Group.

He is a great leader with exceptional sales, public speaking and marketing skills.

After watching a couple of his YouTube® videos online, I can see why he is such a huge success in this industry.

He has a magnetic personality, a positive attitude, and a strong desire to succeed.

Also, he is a dynamic leader and motivator.

He achieved success with ACN because he worked hard, had a game plan, stayed persistent and spent his time with his serious distributors.

Over a period of several years, he built a large organization by helping others achieve success.

To put it bluntly, this guy knows what he is doing!

Nathan Goldberg

Nathan Goldberg is an ACN Regional Vice President from Montreal, Canada.

He currently resides in Toronto.

It took him 15 months to reach the Regional Vice President level with the company.

Prior to joining the business, he was a waiter.

He went full time in the ACN business within just a few short months of joining the company.

In his sixth month, he made more with the company in one month than he did in one year as a waiter.

After watching a couple of his videos on YouTube, I am really impressed with his professionalism, work ethic, and confidence.

He is definitely a dynamic leader who understands how to recruit, train and motivate other distributors.

According to several internet reports, he is one of the top 50 income earners in the entire MLM industry (I cannot validate that).

He is also a Circle of Champions Member with the company.

His tips for success: (1) believe in the company, (2) believe in yourself, and (3) go through the learning curve and develop the skills you need to succeed.

This is some really sound advice, as I see it.

You have to find a good company, develop your own skills and persevere if you want to succeed in network marketing.

After reaching several financial milestones, he retired his mother from her job, because of ACN.

That’s pretty impressive.

Mike Bisutti

Mike Bisutti is a very successful distributor with ACN.

Some of his accolades include Top Producer and Circle of Champion’s Member.

He is part of the Freedom Leaders Team.

When it comes to ACN, he is one of the big dogs!

Prior to joining the business opportunity he was a college student and volleyball coach.

He learned about the business opportunity from an old high-school friend.

He currently has more than 12,000 distributors and 80,000 customers in his sales organization.

When he first joined the company, his family was very apprehensive.

He has since proved them wrong.

His down line spans the globe in countless different countries.

More importantly, he’s personally helped hundreds of people improve their financial situation while achieving network marketing success with ACN.

He is a true credit to our industry.

Maxime Butera

Maxime Butera is a very successful distributor with ACN.

He is a Senior Vice President with the company.

He lives in Quebec, Canada with his family.

Maxime Butera participates in the Momentum Group, which is a line of sponsorship within ACN.

Prior to joining the company, he had five years experience with a different direct sales company.

He built his business by sharing the opportunity and services with people he knew by using in-home meetings and one-on-one presentations.

And, he sold out to the program for the first few years and achieved huge success.

He continues to grow his ACN business today.

Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber is a top earner and Senior Vice President with ACN.

Some of his accolades include Top Producer and Circle of Champion’s Member.

Prior to joining the ACN Business he had several jobs to help support his parents.

During that time, he learned about the business opportunity and went full steam ahead.

Within just six months of joining the business, he quickly progressed through the achievement levels to become a Team Coordinator.

He replaced his job income with his ACN business is just six months, so he could go full-time in the business.

Now, several years later, his down line spans the globe in countless different countries.

More importantly, he’s personally helped thousands of people improve their financial situation while achieving success with ACN.

He is a true credit to ACN and the MLM Industry.

Jeff has seven siblings and is very committed to his family.

He even bought his parents a house.

Jeff is a college drop out, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is a winner and achiever.

He is part of the Empire Team along with several other successful distributors such as Mike Bisutti, Mike Sipe and Steven Strachan.

According to one internet report, Jeff Webber is one of the top 50 earners in the entire network marketing industry.

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Jennifer and Darin Dowd

Jennifer and Darin Dowd are very successful distributors with ACN.

They are currently Senior Vice Presidents.

They achieved the recognition level back in February, 2009.

Prior to joining the ACN business opportunity, Darin was a business owner for 10 years and Jennifer was a stay-at-home mom with their four children.

They have received countless awards with the company to include Top Producers and Circle of Champions Members.

They learned about the business opportunity from one of Jennifer’s friends.

In fact, she blew off her friend for three months before making the decision to learn more about ACN.

Once they joined the business, they took it very seriously, right from day one.

Within four months of joining ACN, they were earning twice as much with ACN as they were with Darin’s traditional business.

What I admire about the couple is that they are very humble and kind.

They really do care about their team members and customers.

They do what they can to help the newest person achieve success.

Even though they’ve been with ACN many years now, they are still actively building their business.

This says a lot about them and the ACN business opportunity.

My ThoughtsACN success stories

Many of these distributors are/were members of the Circle of Influence, which is the crown achievement in ACN.

Of course, there are many other successful distributors I did not mention (too many for one article).

If you do some research on these top ACN distributors, you will find many differences, such as race, gender, religion, and where they are from.

What I like about the company is that it shows anyone can be successful, regardless of your background or experience.

These ACN Success Stories truly do represent every walk of life.

However, if you dig a little deeper, you will notice that they all have certain things in common.

I’d like to share what I consider to be 10 qualities of ACN Top Producers.

These are qualities that everyone in the videos above have in common.

10 Qualities of ACN Top Producers

While all of the people listed above have different backgrounds, personalities, and skill sets, there are some things that they do have in common.

  1. Self Motivated: Every one of these top earners with ACN is self-motivated.  They have big goals and dreams and saw success with the company before they achieved it.
  2. Hard Working: This should be common sense, but these folks took massive action and are hard working.  Most distributors think about the business all the time, but very few people “do the work all the time.”
  3. Stay with Company for 5-10+ Years: They realized that you need to stay with the company for the long haul.  They don’t jump around company to company.  They got started with ACN and made a commitment to stay with ACN until they succeeded.
  4. Good at Sponsoring: To build a large team you have to sponsor others.  It’s not an option.  All of these top earners sponsored 20-40 (or more) distributors personally, so they could find some key leaders to work with.
  5. They Believe in the Products and Company: They use the products and have a strong belief int he products and services and ACN itself.
  6. Great Sales and Marketing Skills: To succeed in any business, you need strong sales and marketing skills.  You need to know how to generate leads, how to find customers, and how to close people.
  7. Great Motivators: All of these ACN Top Earners know how to motivate their team.  They provide training and motivation for everyone on their team.
  8. Relationship Building: All of these success stories are great at building relationships.  They know how to build friendships so people will stay on their team forever.
  9. Vision: All of these leaders are visionaries.  They can see things before they happen.  They can see the big picture long before it ever forms.
  10. Likable: All of these folks are likable.  They have friendly personalities and have the ability to connect with others.

If you want to succeed with ACN, you will need to develop these skills yourself.

About ACN

ACN is a multi-level marketing company specializing in technology and communications.

They were founded in 1993 and are headquartered in North Carolina.

2010 revenue exceeded $550 million.

The company has approximately 1300 employees.

Visit the ACN company website to learn more about them.

Final Thoughts

acn success storiesWe’ve covered a lot of information in this post about ACN’s Top Producers.

I hope you learned a few tips that you can help you take your ACN Business to the next level.

Although I am not affiliated with the company in any way (nor have I been), I do have a lot of respect for the company.

Additionally, I would love to hear from you.

I would love to hear who your favorite ACN Top Earner is.

Please tell me about your successful up line distributor, or favorite distributor.

Tell us what you like about them, how they helped you, when you met them, and how long you have worked with them.

Just leave a comment to share your thoughts.

Disclaimer: ACN is a registered trademark owned by the company.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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16 thoughts on “ACN Top Earner Distributors and Success Stories”

  1. Great stories and advice. I am going to have to come back to this and watch their videos and really take in everything they have to say. I love hearing from people who were where I am and reached their goals. very inspiring.

  2. Response to Donna:In corporate America, how many of the people who started in the lowest level make it to the top managerial level? In ANY industry, you will ALWAYS have the 5 %ers. The author of this blog already have outlined the 10 key qualities of these top producers. The one thing that is implied in it is that these are the same 10 key qualities of EVERY successful people out there. If every one of these top ACN producers think the way you do, “I don’t think that type of business model is a very good deal”, they will not be reaping these rewards. Longevity, perseverance, desire and vision are few of the key components for success. Do you have that? ACN is a true Equal Opportunity industry. There is a single mother in Ohio who have 3 kids, was in a minimum wage job and didn’t have a high school diploma who reached RVP status this year. She believed in the value of her dreams and believed that ACN can help her. She stuck with it through hard work and tears, but she kept on going. ACN is just a tool – a wonderful tool, by the way. Your attitude is the driver. We just have to decide and commit.

  3. Question for Donna: How many people go to school? And how many fail to make it out of school? Or have to switch majors? Or fail to find a “good” job after college? Seems like it’s okay to have low numbers there, but not in business? School would seem like a scam sometimes wouldn’t it? Not speaking for myself, I hold multiple degrees, but having said that I understand the numbers in college, and it isn’t very good.

  4. These are some great ACN success stories. But for every one or two people that make it big, there are more than 1000 who fail, or don’t make money at all. I don’t think that type of business model is a very good deal.

    1. The same could be said of traditional businesses. I now live in Puerto Rico and I am watching business after business go belly up. Does that stop others from opening new businesses? No it doesn’t. I do see many new ones opening every week also.

      Network Marketing is about the same as traditional business in many aspects, just without the high upfront cost. If a person has and uses the qualities that Chuck mentioned in this article, success is probable. Much of the failures come from people who just do not follow the steps.

  5. Great post, Chuck. When you study ACN Success Stories, or successful distributors in any other company, you will quickly discover trends. Most of these folks work hard, have a big vision, and understand how to prospect, recruit and train a team. They might come from every different walk of life, but these are the things they have in common.

  6. Thanks for sharing these ACN Success Stories, Chuck. Everyone in these videos have different backgrounds and experiences. What they all have in common is belief in the company and their work ethic. Everyone took massive action, stayed with ACN for a period of years and worked really, really hard. They all deserve their success.

      1. These are some really good ACN success stories. The problem I have with this list is that most of these folks have been with the company since the beginning. The new distributor really has no chance to make it to the top ranks.

  7. Self-motivation and a strong work ethic are very good qualities to have if you want to achieve success. Often times people will not believe in you and those who do are prompted to give up if they don’t see you succeeding fast enough. If you are only motivated when others push you, you won’t hold on to a business or idea long enough to succeed. You have to be dedicated to your company in the face of struggles and challenges in order to really get anywhere.

    1. You are right, Diamond, you have to believe in yourself and what you are doing, regardless of what others think. Don’t let anyone else “neg you out” and distract you from your goals. As you said, being internally motivated and having a strong work ethic are definite musts. This is apparent in Chuck’s top ten characteristics listed in the article. Anything is going to have its ups and downs, and if you run the first time there is a “down,” you won’t have the chance to see the fruits of hard work and dedication.

    2. Gotta love ACN. This company has some really good success stories. All of the folks you mentioned have done very well with the company. When you look at these people you can see things in common, like joining the company at the right time and sticking with one company for the long haul.

  8. These are some great ACN Success Stories. I watched a few of your videos and am very impressed with the money some of these folks make with ACN. I never knew you could make that type of money in network marketing. I think anyone joining ACN today should study these people and see what they did to succeed with ACN. They would be a great mentor.


    1. So true, James. If you want to achieve success with anything in life, one of the best things you can do is study other successful people. People thinking about joining ACN should definitely team up with one of these ACN Success Stories, preferably as their personal sponsor. Working with a top earner will save you a lot of time and frustration.


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