A Twenty Year Plan for Your Network Marketing Business

Today, I want to share a crazy concept with you.

Some of you might even think I have lost my mind.

I haven’t lost my mind, so don’t worry.

I just believe everyone needs to hear this message, so I’m willing to post it out there in the internet world, even though some trolls will probably attack me for it.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to you is to think of your network marketing business as a 20 year plan, or longer, rather than a way to make a large amount of immediate income.

Think of your network marketing business as one income stream in your investment portfolio, rather than a solution to today’s financial problems.

Think of your network marketing business as part of your retirement plan.

If more people had this mindset or approach, it would really benefit our industry.

There would be less failure, less frustration and less haters.

You see, building a really successful business in any industry is normally done over a period of decades, not a few months or even a few years.

Considering you are building your network marketing business part-time, it’s going to take a while to build it big.

Here are a few insights I have noticed in the past 14 years in our great industry:

  • Most people in our industry, probably 99% are part-timers
  • Most people in our industry are NOT entrepreneurs, nor do they think like one
  • Most top earners took at least five to ten years of part-time work to make it to the top, and sometimes even longer
  • Most people quit in 90 days or less because they haven’t made money, or enough money, and because they have the wrong idea about what the business has to offer
  • Very few people make a livable income in their first year or two in this industry (or any other type of business)
  • Most people have no retirement plan
  • Most people have no savings
  • Most people in the real world are one or two paychecks away from bankruptcy; in other words if they didn’t get paid for one or two paydays they would be destitute
  • Most people have tons of debt
  • Most people can’t think past their next pay day, let alone the next year or two

Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, and not all of these situations apply to EVERYONE, but they are common and do apply to MOST people I’ve met.

Many people come into our industry looking for a miracle to their horrible financial situation.

Many are unemployed, broke, or in dire financial straits.

They think that signing their name to the distributor agreement will instantly solve their financial problems.

To clarify, they are good people, but they are not likely to be successful in any type of business.

Not initially anyway.

20 year plan in mlm memeHowever, many of these folks could do well IF they got a day job to pay their bills and worked on their network marketing business part-time 10 hours a week AND took the time to develop the right skills and mindset.

I believe that anyone can build a successful network marketing business in 20 years.

It sounds like a long time, but man time flies.

The time will go by anyway, whether you decide to build your business, or not.

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How about you?

Do you think that’s possible?

Do you think you could build a successful network marketing business working part-time, about 10 hours a week, or a 20-year period of time?

I think you could.

Would it be worth it?

Only you can decide that, but I think so.

I would also argue that most people, even skilled entrepreneurs, will struggle to build a truly SUCCESSFUL business in five or fewer years.

Most of my entrepreneurial friends, in different industries, took at least five years of FULL TIME work to build a successful business.

Some took even longer than that.

The bottom line is it takes time to build a successful business, especially a part-time business.

So here’s what I recommend you do, and in this order.

# 1 Get a Job – The best thing any network marketing distributor could do is get a JOB.  Sound crazy?  I don’t think so.  The truth is you need a steady income to live on while you are building your part-time business.  You need to keep the bills paid, provide for your family, and have some money to invest in your business.

# 2 Set Aside 10 Hours Per Week to Work Your Business – No matter how busy you are, you can find 10 hours a week to work your business.  If you tell me you can’t do that, I know the business is not a priority for you.

# 3 Be Consistent – Never, ever let a week go by where you don’t work your business at least 10 hours a week.  Do something EVERY DAY, no excuses to move your business forward, even if it’s something small.  Being consistent is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you.

# 4 Get Plugged in – Plug in to your successful upline’s training and mentoring system. Be a student of your business.  Attend seminars.  Go to events.  Enroll in automobile university.  Listen to the training calls.  Find a mentor, humble yourself, and follow their lead.

# 5 Develop Your Skills and Mindset – Be an avid reader and student and take the time to work on your sales, marketing, leadership, people and communication skills.  Strive to get a little bit better every single day.  Learn to think and act like an entrepreneur.

# 6 Sponsor two new distributors and find 2 new customers each month – Make a commitment to sponsor at least 2 new distributors every month AND to find two new customers each month.  Anyone can do that if they work smart and commit 10 hours per week to their business.

To put it all in perspective, if you sponsored 2 people a month and found 2 customers a month for 20 years that would be 480 customers and 480 distributors.

Assuming 95% of them dropped off and quit, you would still have 24 good legs in your business and 24 loyal customers.

In most companies that would provide a high six to seven figure income!

I truly believe anyone could do these things if they could just stay focused and disciplined and put in the work consistently.

No, they might not be profitable after the first year.

No, they might not be making big money in a year or two.

six figure income in mlm memeBut over a period of five to ten years they could build a big network marketing business.

And in a 20 year period of time they could build a dynasty.

I do believe that.

The time will go by anyway.

You don’t have to be “full time” to build it big, but you do have to be committed, focused, consistent and disciplined.

You need to put in the work and also have some patience.

In addition, you can also do other projects and own other businesses during this time.

By all means diversify your portfolio.

But set aside that one hour a day to build your network marketing business!

What do you think about the 20-year plan in network marketing?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day.

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6 thoughts on “A Twenty Year Plan for Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. I truly love this advice, I see it as the best plan any networker would ever need. Thanks Chuck. Some of us need your advice daily to keep us more fired up.

  2. Amen to this form of thinking Chuck!

    I truly believe if people follow this simple plan, it takes less stress and we can build a successful business. So many network marketers have this crazy idea they can build a huge business in the matter of months, and when it doesn’t happen, they quit.

    I have always used this type of idea, but I had never broke down the numbers as you did.

    Hopefully, many rookie network marketers read this and get a new frame of mind. I believe articles such as this can actually held the MLM revolving door.

    Great job!

  3. This is definitely true and really achievable for me…mlm is my retirement plan…consistency is the key to the game…do something each day that moves you towards your mlm goals!!!

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