A Simple Formula for MLM Success

How do you become successful is network marketing?  What is the real SECRET?  What is it that the top earners do that makes them successful?  It isn’t what you think.  It’s isn’t complicated or mysterious.

Today, I want to share my simple formula for MLM Success.  If you want to make it to the top ranks in network marketing, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Sponsor a few people

The first step is to sponsor a few people.  Sponsor 6-12 people in your first month or two. Start by working your warm market.  Look for successful people with a sales, marketing or entrepreneurial background.  Show them the plan and get them signed up.  This is your initial group of people to work with.  Out of these six to 12 people, 2-4 of them will be fairly serious and want to build a business. Work with them!

Step 2: Get a few customers

Every business needs customers, including your network marketing business.  Ideally, you want to find minimum 5-10 personal retail customers for your business.  To do this, you really have two options.  You can try to get customers from people who tell you NO to the business opportunity.  Or, you can focus on finding customers FIRST and then upgrade happy customers into distributors.  Personally, I like to lead with the products.

Step 3: Help your new team members do the same thing

Now that you have a few customers and distributors, it’s time to TEACH.  Work individually with your new team (with the people who are willing to work and will accept your help) and help them do the same exact thing that you just did.  Help each person sponsor a few people and find a few customers.

Step 4: Drive each leg 20 or more levels deep

Work in each leg of your organization until it is at least 20 levels deep OR until you have 3-4 good leaders in each leg.  Always work at the bottom most part of your organization and never stop.  Even if your organization doesn’t pay you 20 levels deep, you still want to build depth like this.  It gives you long-term security.

Step 5: Sponsor your next batch of people

Once you have some STABLE legs in your organization, go out and sponsor your next batch of people and repeat these first four steps with them.  Keep repeating this process until you have at least 20 SOLID legs in your organization.  Drive all 20 legs at least 20 levels deep.

Final Thoughts

There it is folks.  This is my simple formula for MLM Success.  This is the answer about how you make money in network marketing.   Remember that network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit, not a few people doing a lot.  Your job is to sponsor a few people, get a few customers and help your team members do the same.  Drive depth in each leg UNTIL you find LEADERS to work with.  Most of your biggest leaders will come in depth and most of your income will come from 1-2 legs in your organization.  

What do you think?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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2 thoughts on “A Simple Formula for MLM Success

  1. You have to keep at it, too. Follow the plan, make your lists, and just keep at it. I always like that you emphasize helping your team members. I always thought that it was just wrong to recruit someone and then tell them “Here’s a manual – good luck!” Help your team members by helping them figure out what to do, and it will keep them motivated. Everyone likes the taste of success.

  2. I\’ve always believe that happy customers are the best possible recruits. They purchased something from you already so you have a relationship with them that\’s positive. You\’ve already sold them on the product. Capitalize on the rapport and the energy and excitement they have at their new product. The best promotion is a happy customer

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