A Magic Tip for Presenting Your MLM Business Opportunity

Today, I want to share a magical tip I learned from Don Failla (my sponsor) about presenting your business opportunity to prospects.

Here is a quote from his book The System.  He says, “… the way you present your opportunity to them is how they think the business must be done.”

In other words, whatever you do duplicates.

When you stop and think about that for a moment you will begin to discover how important this lesson really is.

You see, most distributors present their business the wrong way.  Instead, of keeping things simple, they over complicate it.  What do they do?

  • Many distributors do a one to two hour presentation with their prospect
  • Many distributors take their prospects to a hotel meeting
  • Many distributors drive all around town doing one-on-ones and group meetings with their prospects
  • Many distributors do home parties where they speak to a group of people
  • Many distributors wear a suit and tie to share a presentation with others
  • Many distributors have a polished presentation because they are a “smooth talker”

As a preface, I am not saying any of these methods are BAD.  They all do work.

BUT, I think these things complicate our industry and scare off most prospects. 

You see, your prospect will think they have to do what YOU do, if they decide to build a business.

So, if they’re already busy with a job and family, they won’t want to drive all around town to meet with people to share a business presentation.

If they fear public speaking, they won’t want to do home parties or group meetings.

Some folks might not want to go to meetings or events a few nights a week.

Other folks can’t afford fancy business attire, or do not want to wear one.

Many folks will look at your “polished” presentation and think they could never give such a good presentation.

Are you starting to get the picture?

You want to keep things so simple, even a caveman could do it.

You want to keep your presentation short and to the point: 10-20 minutes MAX.

You want to use third party tools to qualify prospects AND show the plan.  You should NEVER give a presentation yourself.  Always use a tool to do it.

You want to keep things so simple that anyone can look at what you do and say “if that guy can do this, I will kill it!”

Ideally, you want to share a short video presentation (that is about 10 minutes long) while you are dressed in business casual and relaxed. 

Please don’t underestimate the importance of this.

The biggest OBJECTION you will hear from people is “I don’t have the time to build a business.”

And one of the reasons they say that is because of how much “time” you take meeting with them to explain what you do.

Sound familiar?

secret tip for sharing your business with othersJust remember to keep things simple.  The real beauty of this industry is the simplicity.  Any fool can complicate it, but it takes a special person to keep it simple.

Have a short recorded, video presentation to share with your prospect.  Don’t be over-dressed. Don’t complicate things. Use third party tools whenever possible.  Don’t take up too much of your prospect‘s time.  Start and end on time, ideally in 10-30 minutes max.

Do that and you will get much better results in your network marketing business.  Do things differently and who knows what will happen.

What are your thoughts about these presentation tips?  Do you agree or disagree?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “A Magic Tip for Presenting Your MLM Business Opportunity”

  1. I often think about the old cliche that says: keep it simple and stupid. We as humans tend to over complicate things which chases people away. If we can just show the basic principals and keep it at an easy level, a prospect will be more willing knowing it isn’t hard. If we throw too many things at the prospect, they will assume that it is much too difficult and will run away quickly. The other key to that is even if they say no at first, they will always keep in their heads how simple or hard we made it look.

  2. Richard Brokenshire

    Hi Chuck,

    Excellent post. Don Failla is a great person to be getting information from. Wasn’t he the one who did napkin presentations? It would be difficult to get much simpler than that. His prospects have to walk away thinking that if this guy can sponsor me using a napkin, think about how well I can do in this!

    1. Yes, he did the napkin presentations.

      Don keeps things simple and that is one of the reasons he has been so successful in the industry (more than 800k people on his team).

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Greg Boudonck

    This makes a lot of sense Chuck. I had never thought of it that way, but yes, if we make it look so difficult, the prospect will think they will have to do the same. Thanks for this post; it makes good sense.

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