A Confused MLM Distributor Does Nothing…

A confused MLM distributor does nothing…

A confused person does nothing…

There is a beauty in keeping things simple.

A Confused MLM Distributor Does Nothing

I once heard that any idiot can make network marketing complicated, but it takes a genius to keep it simple.

Unfortunately, I have been an idiot in this respect.

… several times anyway.

Thankfully, I am finally learning and making progress.

Have you ever noticed when someone gets too much information, they get information overload and then have analysis by paralysis?

Then they end up doing NOTHING.

You see, many reps in our industry are scouring the internet looking for the magical foo-foo dust.

They want that ONE SECRET that will change everything.

So, they read this blog and hear one thing.

They talk to their upline and hear something different.

They go to a big network marketing event and hear something different.

They read a book and hear something different.

They watch a YouTube that offers a different secret strategy (for just $97).

And then they say to themselves “what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Because this confused MLM distributor doesn’t know EXACTLY what to do in their network marketing business, they do nothing.

Ever felt that way yourself?

Me, the guy typing this blog post, certainly has.

I’ve had information overload many times during my life and network marketing career.

What I’ve found that helped me is the following things.

First off, find one mentor who has done what you are trying to achieve, humble yourself and follow their lead.

Don’t follow them blindly.

Check the fruit on their tree.

See if they are willing to help you.

If their intentions are right and they want to help you, I suggest you let them mentor you.

Learn from their mistakes and wisdom.

That is quite perhaps my best piece of advice for you.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a MLM mentor, find ONE business building strategy that makes sense to you and follow that.

Learn everything you can about that business building strategy and stick with it until you master it.

It might take you a few years to do that, but it’s worth it.

That’s a lot better than trying to do ten different things at once.


Focus. On. One. Thing. Until. Successful.

Next, when you are talking to prospects, please realize that less is more.

Say less to more people.

They don’t need to know about the company’s leadership, the details of the products, every detail of the compensation plan, or anything else.

They just want to know “will this work?” and “will you help me?” and “can I do this?”

Trust me, that’s what they are thinking about.

They don’t care where the CEO went to college.

Trust me on that…

They can learn those other details as they progress in their business.

Always try to keep your business cave man simple.

Keep it 8-year-old simple.

If an 8-year-old can’t do it, do not do it.

If you have an idea or thought, but you know that MOST people you are talking to won’t be able to do it, don’t say it.

Keep it to yourself or share it with certain people one-on-one.

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Remember, a confused MLM distributor does nothing.

I speak with 10-20 network marketers on the phone each day, on average.

These folks call me.

At least 95% of them are completely overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.

They are busy going nowhere fast.

I blame most of this confusion on their sponsor or upline AND on their inability to focus.

Until you focus, you will fail.

If you don’t keep things simple, you will fail.

I hope this makes sense.

Now, some of you might be wondering, what do I need to do to be successful?

Great question.

This is what you need to do.

  1. Use the products
  2. Get a few customers
  3. Get a few reps
  4. Teach and nurture and train them
  5. Repeat

That’s the business in a nutshell (I learned that from the book Beach Money).

And remember this, the beauty of network marketing is how simple it is.

Any idiot can complicate it, but it takes a genius to keep it simple.

I hope that makes sense to you.

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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