90-Day Content Marketing Challenge Blitz: My Results

Today, I want to share the results of my 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge.

I’ve read about the 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge several times online before, and I decided I wanted to do one for myself. The purpose of me doing one was to build my network marketing business AND get added exposure to my blog.

Also, I’ve done several 90-Day MLM Challenges before, and experienced great results. I figured I could apply the same hustle to a 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge and get similar results.

My challenge went from August 2, 2018 to October 30, 2018.

90 Day Content Marketing Challenge

What is a 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge?

A 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge is when you take all out massive action for 90-days, creating tons of content online. This content might include videos, podcasts, blog posts, blog comments, articles or any combination of these things. You double or triple your efforts and create more content than you normally would.

My Goals

I set some big goals. I wanted goals that would stretch me out of my comfort zone and make me dig deep. Here’s what I initially came up with.

  1. Create and publish 65 podcasts
  2. Create and publish 65 Power Point Presentations and upload them to Slide Share
  3. Write and publish 65 articles on MLM Gateway
  4. Write and publish 65 articles on my blog
  5. Leave 90 comments on the MLM.com forum
  6. Write and publish 65 articles on IBO Tool Box
  7. Leave 270 comments at Warrior Forum
  8. Create and publish 65 YouTube videos
  9. Leave 90 comments on other blogs
  10. Generate 4,500 leads
  11. Sponsor 5 new customers and 40 new distributors in my MLM Company
  12. Convert 1% of all leads
  13. Add 1,000 new team members to my team

Notice that I set goals that were VERY specific. That is important.

My Daily Mode of Operations

During my 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge, I decided to work five days a week. I work from home full-time and work really hard during the week and I enjoy having my weekends off. I normally work about 8 to 10 hours per day.

Although I did not plan it ahead of time, I had 18-days of vacation during my challenge. I went on vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, had a business trip to Dallas, Texas and went hunting in northern Maine with my dad. During those trips I did very little work.

My 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge Results

I am very happy with my results during my 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge. You will see my results below. If the item is in bold, it means I met or surpassed my goal.

# 1: Create and publish 65 podcasts. I created 52 podcasts. I came up a little bit short.

# 2: Create and publish 65 Power Point Presentations and upload to Slide Share. I created 110 Power Point presentations and uploaded them to Slide Share.

# 3: Write and publish 65 articles on MLM Gateway. I wrote and published 80 articles for MLM Gateway.

# 4: Write and publish 65 articles on my blog. I wrote and published 51 blog posts.

# 5: Leave 90 comments on the MLM.com forum. I left 124 forum comments.

# 6: Write and publish 65 articles on IBO Tool Box. I wrote and published 75 articles.

# 7: Leave 270 comments at Warrior Forum. I left 280 forum comments.

# 8: Create and publish 65 YouTube videos. I created and published 72 YouTube videos.

# 9: Leave 90 comments on other blogs. I left 46 comments on other blogs.

# 10: Generate 4,500 leads. I generated 2,295 leads.

# 11: Sponsor 5 new customers and 40 new distributors in my MLM Company. I sponsored 3 new customers and 15 new distributors.

# 12: Convert 1% of all leads. I converted 0.78% of my leads.

# 13: Add 1,000 new team members to my team. I added 516 people to my network marketing team.

In a snapshot:

  • Created 52 podcasts
  • Created 72 videos
  • Created 110 Power Point presentations
  • Wrote and published 206 articles
  • Left 404 forum comments and questions
  • Left 46 blog comments on other blogs
  • Signed up 18 new people in my MLM Business
  • Generated 2,295 leads
  • Converted 0.78% of all leads
  • Added 516 new team members

As you can see, I hit 7 of my 13 goals. Not bad. In all, I created 890 pieces of content during my 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge. If you were to divide that by 65 work days, you will see that I averaged 13.5 pieces of content per day. If you subtracted my 18-days away, I would have 47 work days. In that case, I averaged 18.9 pieces of content per day. 

What I Would Do Differently Next Time Around

Here are the things I will do differently in my next 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge.

# 1) Do a 30-Day Challenge Instead

I honestly believe that I would have been much better off doing a 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge instead. 90-days is a LONG time. It felt like forever. Sometimes it was hard to stay motivated, especially during the middle part.

# 2) Clear My Calendar

Before scheduling another 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge, I would make sure my calendar is clear and that I don’t have any travel planned, or anything on my calendar that would be a big distraction.

# 3) Work 6-Days Per Week

By doing a shorter challenge, I would commit to six days per week, instead of five days per week. I’d still have one rest day, but I would buckle down on Saturday.

 # 4) Focus on Fewer Things

Instead of trying to do so many different things during my challenge, I would set fewer goals, maybe 3-5 goals instead of 13. I would prioritize my list and only focus on the most important things.

# 5) Outsource More

I would do everything in my willpower to outsource more. I did some outsourcing, but not nearly enough. If I had 3-5 virtual assistants working with me, I could have easily accomplished 3-5 times as much and it wouldn’t have cost me much money.

# 6) Set Bigger Goals

I definitely would have set much bigger goals for myself. A few of my goals were really big, but I would have set 10x goals just to see what I was really capable of. Since I would have fewer goals to focus on, this would be doable.

You can literally transform your blog in just 90 days

My Challenge for You

If you own a blog, website or any type of online business, I highly encourage you to do a 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge. Do that and test the waters before you commit to 90-days. Figure out your current workload, and then come up with a game-plan to accomplish 3-5 times as much as you normally do, during those 30-days.

Team up with another content marketer and do a challenge together. That way you have an accountability partner to share your ideas, successes and frustrations with. Plus, the two of you can keep each other motivated.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. These are the results of my 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge. I hope you found the information helpful and I hope you will do your own content marketing challenge. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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6 thoughts on “90-Day Content Marketing Challenge Blitz: My Results”

  1. Great post and very good insights. I was really struggling to gather momentum on my blog and these insights are very valuable and will adopt some of them to my situation and hopefully the results will be good.

  2. That is very good and more effective success factors for all of the online business. I highly appreciate you to reveal success strategies and tricks that you apply in your post too. I really like and I keep as a favourite page in my browser and I sure apply these challenges on my site too. Ultimately, I found the very successful strategies to apply my site. Thanks in advance for your very successful and effective challenges for online business.

    1. Samantha,

      I love these articles in Chucks blog, he fills them with such powerful information to help others. I can truly say that everything that I have applied to my business so far has worked well and very grateful for his knowledge and teachings. I’m happy to hear you have been successful as well.

    1. Hi Bobbi,

      Have you started the challenge yet? If so, do you mind sharing your results so far? I am on about a month and a half with using an activity tracker/challenge and I like the results that I am seeing so far. I think that it is important to write down both short term and long term goals then work on activities and challenges that will help you reach your goals. Without action and some way of tracking your results it will be a lot harder to reach your goals or dreams.


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