using webinars to grow your MLM business

8 Ways To Use Webinars To Grow Your MLM Business

using webinars to grow your MLM business

As of late, the use of webinars has become extremely popular. The advantages are numerous…

  • No traveling for participants. It is all online.
  • The presenter does not need to invest in any special equipment. A simple webcam is all you need.
  • The cost can be minimal as most are based on the number of participants.
  • Audience amount can be unlimited.
  • The webinar can be automated so it can be viewed even after the original recording.

So it just makes sense that MLM business owners would take advantage of the using of webinars to grow their business.

Here are 8 ways to use webinars to grow your MLM business.

#1: To Generate Leads

By making it mandatory that people entering your webinar supply you with their contact information, and as long as the webinar is about something that relates directly to your MLM business, you will have a lead.

Not you can start slowly “dripping” information and pull that lead into your business; either as a representative or a customer.

#2: As Motivational Seminars

While it would be great to have a huge motivational seminar at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, how many of your downline members would be able to attend?

But if you use a webinar format to provide the same motivational “stuff,” no one has to buy plane tickets, hotel rooms, etc…

You are ensured to get a great response and when you are able to motivate your team, you will see great things happen. Your downline will recruit and sell more, hence, your MLM business has growth.

#3: Feature New Products

When your MLM company launches a new product, a webinar is an excellent way to feature that new product to your followers thereby getting more sales.

Tell how the new product is unique in comparison to the competitor.

Show the product, its benefits and the features and watch your sales go up.

#4: Interview Company Superstars

Here is a great way to entice prospects to join your downline!

Just approach one of the superstars in your MLM company. They could be in your upline, downline or on a whole different team.

But asking for an interview on your webinar will benefit them because of more exposure.

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#5: Show Off Your Expertise

No matter who or what MLM business they have, every person has strong areas and weak areas.

This is an area I know Chuck has taught on a lot and I want to remind you… Build on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses!

So how does this pertain to webinars?

Simply put, it is a way to showcase your strengths. If you are excellent at managing a budget, you could have a webinar about MLM Budget Management. Maybe you are recruiting like crazy from your blog; have a webinar about MLM Recruiting by Blogging.

Showing and teaching others your strong areas will attract people to become part of your downline.

#6: Demonstrate A Product

Showing how to properly use a product via a webinar and the results can be another great way to grow your MLM business.

As people see how to use the product you can also explain where they can go to purchase it.

#7: Training

In these days when we have the ability to recruit all over the world, it just makes sense that training sessions be held online.

So with your new recruits, you can have them sign up for your training webinar and train various recruits at the same time.

Unlike a video, those recruits can ask questions and get answers right then and there.

#8: Recorded So Others Can Watch Later

Be it training, a product launch or demo or any other MLM webinar, it can be recorded so the webinar can be watched in the future. You could even upload it to your website, YouTube or any other video venue.

In this way, your webinar can help you grow your business anytime, anywhere.

Final Thoughts

There are various websites and software you can use to host your own personal webinars to grow your MLM business. Pricing varies… Some of the most recognized are

  • Go To Meeting
  • Zoom
  • and ON24

At this point in time, I know the owner of this site, Chuck does publish Podcasts that you can follow and listen to here.

I have mentioned doing some valuable Webinars and I believe he is considering it. So stay tuned to Online MLM Community and by all means, if you would like Chuck to give some Webinars, give a shout out in the comment area below.

So what are your thoughts?

Do you have any questions?

Post any and all below and have a great day



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2 thoughts on “8 Ways To Use Webinars To Grow Your MLM Business”

  1. What a great idea, Chuck! I think webinars are a great way to build any type of business for a few reasons. First off, you can automate your webinar, and your prospects won’t even know it was recorded. Additionally, a webinar allows people to connect with you, because they can hear and see you at the same time. Plus, it lets you work smart and share your sales message with many people at the same time. Whether it’s MLM, travel or even a coaching business, webinars are a great way to sell and get your name out there.

    1. I do webinars on ZOOM all the time for my team. I’ve never done one to give a business presentation or sell my products, but it’s something I am going to start doing this year. There are just too many benefits of doing webinars as compared to meeting with someone face to face or talking with someone on the phone.

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