7-Day MLM Challenge: Testimonials, Ideas & Success Tips

In today’s post, I’d like to share my experience doing a 7-Day MLM Challenge and also talk about why you should consider doing one yourself. I’ll also share some testimonials from some of my team members who recently completed their own challenge.

What is a 7-Day MLM Challenge?

A 7-Day MLM Challenge is a short, condensed version of the 90-Day Challenge. It’s when you go all in with your business and do at least 5x to 10x what you would normally do. You focus exclusively on the money producing activities and talk to lots of people. It’s designed to create momentum, excitement and bigger checks in your business.

Ideally, three ore more people in your team participate at the same time and work together and encourage each other. This will create synergy and excitement in your team.

Why Do One?

The biggest reason to do a 7-Day MLM Challenge is that it will help move your business forward. I’ve also found that most people can’t finish a 90-Day Challenge without giving up, so 7-days is much more doable for 99% of the people in this industry.

Plus, when you do a challenge, you show yourself what you are capable of with in the business. This can help build up your belief, attitude, mindset and skill-set. Even better, if you can influence several members on your team to complete a 7-Day MLM Challenge, you can expect some significant growth in the business.

7 Day MLM Challenge

How it Works

What I wanted to do in this section is just share how it works. I have simply copied and pasted this from my team’s secret Facebook group. These were the rules I created for anyone who wanted to participate in our team’s 7-Day MLM Challenge.

Welcome to our second Team Supreme 7-Day Challenge. This is nothing more than a condensed version of a 90-Day Challenge. My goal is to help each person on our team enroll MINIMUM 21 free PEMs (personally enrolled members) in 7-days and have at least one PEM who places an order of any size before the challenge ends.

This is optional and free. It goes from March 16 to March 22, 2020. This is only available for members of Team Supreme. To participate you agree to:

  1. Approach at least 10 new prospects daily using any combination of strategies to include Facebook, texting, drop cards, email, phone calls, face to face, etc.
  2. Talk with your coach or sponsor daily.
  3. Post your activity tracker score daily in the group.
  4. Complete the entire 7 days.

Random prizes will be given out at the end of the challenge.

**** Feel free to modify these instructions or do things differently if you decide to facilitate your own challenge. I just wanted to give you a simple example to follow. All I did was create a secret Facebook group for people who wanted to participate.


Here are some testimonials from some of my team members sharing their results of their 7-Day MLM Challenge.

Chuck Holmes

chuck holmes

I completed my 7-Day MLM Challenge from March 16 to March 22, 2020. I scored 151 points, signed up 64 new reps with a free account, and had 6 of those 64 people place an order. I worked very diligently contacting new people daily, did lots of follow-up and stay plugged-in to the group. During the 7-days, I worked my business about 6-hours per day. The biggest takeaway I learned from it is that you really can accomplish a lot in 7-days if you set your mind to it.

~ Chuck Holmes, 100k Ruby Director

Landee Martin

Landee Martin

I completed my 7-Day MLM Challenge from March 16 to March 22, 2020. I scored 166 points, signed up 100 new reps with a free account, and had 7 of those 100 people place an order.

I followed a DMO (daily mode of operation) of posting daily to Facebook, using stories, lives, videos, private messages, and follow up. I also ran one CO-OP ad and used gift card offers as a way of follow up. I worked approximately 4 serious hrs per day, spread out where they fit best in with my other daily responsibilities.

The biggest takeaway I learned from it is that having a challenge helps me hold myself accountable to completing tasks on my DMO since I have to post my results daily in the group.

~ Landee Martin, 25k Pearl Director

Robert Monoson

robert monoson

I participated in the 7-Day MLM Challenge because it helps to keep me on track, and motivates me to push harder. The period from March 16-22, 2020, I scored a total of 128 points, signed up 41 new reps with a free account, of those 41, none placed orders.

What I learned from the experience is that I need to diversify my fishing ponds, and sources of leads. I need to focus on bringing leads in who are looking for natural products, or investing time in an opportunity related to health and wellness. I know I can expand and diversify my sources, and I have already put several plans into motion to do so, and they have been curiously effective.

~ Robert Monoson, Independent Rep

Kara Hatfield

kara hatfield

Some people may have found the 7 Day Challenge as an inconvenience or something that they felt “they had to do”. For me, I looked at it as a new tool to use to keep myself accountable. I did have my mentor as a partner in the beginning, which I feel helped get me started and stay on track being that this was new to me. 

I have found the challenge very useful. For one it reminded me of the daily tasks that I Should Be Doing to be successful. A task or two can be easily be forgotten if it’s not part of your daily routine. Some of the required daily tasks I was already doing; however, there were some tasks that I haven’t thought of so it was a great addition. 

Secondly, I was able to track what days were more successful than others as well as what days I worked harder than others. I can tell you that when I completed certain tasks such as helping a new team member enroll someone or inviting someone to my link has paid off vs. the days that I did not perform that task. 

I feel by taking this challenge I had more people not only enroll but I also have had customers purchase products. I have also learned that in order to accomplish your goals it takes not only connecting but following up, helping others, looking for different ways to reach people such as email, social media and regular mail.

It also takes the willingness to show up to meetings, wanting to learn and be coachable. Most importantly be consistent! Do something in your business everyday to make it grow and show others how to do the same. 

If there is anything that I would change or do differently it would be to add or keep a separate list of the things that I do (or should be doing) to maintain my business. I feel that it’s great to get team members and customers in the door but if you don’t follow up, you could lose everything you worked for.

Some of these tasks could include sending emails to your new team members to help them get started, trying to verbally connect if possible, following up with customers to make sure they are happy with their purchase and recommending other products. 

In conclusion, the 7-Day MLM Challenge is great to have to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Think of it as a daily schedule, once you use it every day it will become second nature. I would recommend that everyone use this tool or one similar to become and stay successful.

~ Kara Hatfield, Independent Rep

Carrie Schimweg

Carrie Schimweg

March 16 to March 22, 2020, was my second 7-Day MLM Challenge. The results are 81 points and I signed up 36 new reps with a free account. This was a great feat for me because during this challenge week, I worked 53-hours at my full-time job, plus 9-hours working my freelance job. I’ve learned by having a plan in place, I can accomplish quite a lot. When your “why” is big enough, the time spent on “your” business is definitely worth it. This is one of my biggest things I’ve learned by doing this challenge.

~ Carrie S., Independent Rep

Lexie Hannah

Lexie Hannah

I completed my 7 Day MLM Challenge from March 1 to March 7, 2020. I sent out 374 emails, texted 2 PEM’s and spoke to 2 new people about the products. I signed up 2 new reps with a free account, and I sent out 6 links. I worked diligently but do feel there is room for improvement. I did lots of follow-up and stayed plugged into the group. During the 7-days, I worked my business about 6 hours a day. The biggest takeaway I learned from it is that you really can accomplish a lot in 7 days if you set your mind to it.

~ Lexie Hannah, Independent Rep

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, doing a 7-Day MLM Challenge can make a huge, positive impact in your business. Before you commit to doing a 90-Day MLM Challenge, I would suggest you try out a 7-day period of time first. This will help you mentally prepare to do an entire 90-days.

As you can see from this article, many people experienced great results with their 7-Day MLM Challenge. Will you be next? I hope so. If you’ve done a 7-Day MLM Challenge before, leave a comment below to tell us how it went. I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes


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2 thoughts on “7-Day MLM Challenge: Testimonials, Ideas & Success Tips”

  1. I haven’t heard 7-day MLM challenge before until I have read this article. It sounds so interesting, I will make sure to do a 7-Day Challenge myself. I want to stay motivated and accountable. I know this tool will help me to organize things smoothly without being stressed out. This will keep me on track so I can be more productive.

    1. Yes, Donna. Doing a 7-Day Challenge can be a real eye opener. Most people don’t work nearly as hard as they think they do. Most people truly underestimate themselves and what it takes to build a successful business. Once you learn how to focus on working smart and hard for 7-days, you can start to form new habits in your business.

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