5Linx Review: Company, Products & History

This post will provide a 5Linx review.

This multilevel marketing company has been growing substantially, and predictions say that it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

5Linx offers a unique range of products and services for both businesses and individuals in the form of telecommunications, entertainment, health and much more.

5Linx Review Company Products History

In this extensive review, I will provide you with a look at the 5Linx history.

I will also tell you the key leadership of 5Linx.

You will know all the products and services 5Linx offers via independent distributors.

We will also view what others have to say about 5Linx both positive and negative.

I will then add any other pertinent information about 5Linx, so scroll down and learn about the multilevel marketing company 5Linx.

History of 5Linx

In 2001, 3 men teamed together to start 5Linx.

They were:

  1. Craig Jerabeck

  2. Jeb Tyler

  3. and Jason Guck

The headquarters of 5Linx are in Rochester, New York.

5Linx has been recognized in several ways:

  • From 2006 until 2009, 5Linx was on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies.

  • The company has been on the Inc. 5000 list 9 times.

  • As a member of the Direct Selling Association, 5Linx was on the DSA Top 100 Global companies.

  • 5Linx was ranked as the 2nd fastest growing in the Rochester Top 100 region.

At founding, Craig Jerabeck was the CEO of 5Linx, but in 2015 he resigned.

5Linx sued Jerabeck for breach of contract when it was determined that he took independent representatives to another MLM company he became a part of.

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5Linx Leadership

5Linx has leaders with years of experience in the direct selling industry.

These are the leaders at the helm of 5Linx:

Jeb Tyler – Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder

For over 15 years, Jeb has been involved in the network marketing industry.

Jeb graduated from State University of New York in Buffalo.

He plays a huge part in developing new products and services, as well as moving into new market areas.

Jeb is also an expert motivational speaker and trainer.

He is at the forefront of organizing the 5Linx national training events.

Jason Guck – Vice President of Sales and Co-Founder

Jason has 15+ years in internet marketing and the telecom industry.

His experience in business development, project management and sales training puts Jason in the perfect position to help guide independent 5Linx representatives in the proper sales presentations.

Jason is an asset in motivational speaking and innovation allowing 5Linx to spread internationally.

William Faucette, Jr. – Chief Executive Officer

William graduated from Stanford University in 1991.

Before joining 5Linx, William was Chief of Staff for the city of Rochester, New York.

William had joined 5Linx as an independent representative and built a team of 20,000.

He became to Vice President of North American Sales for 5Linx, and when Craig Jerabeck resigned, William was promoted to the CEO position.

William was Citizen of the Year by the Alumni Association of the African American Leadership Development Program.

He was also recognized by Ebony Magazine as one of 30 leaders under 30.

With leadership like this running 5Linx, it is no surprise they have risen so far so fast.

5Linx Products & Services

5Linx has a range of products that may seem a somewhat odd mix at first, but when you truly analyze them, it is a wise mix that can help independent representatives have various avenues to attain sales

Let’s take a look at the products and services 5Linx offers:



5Linx has partnered with Protect America Inc to offer state-of-the-art home security systems.

Some of the features and benefits of these security systems are:

  • Systems monitored without any interruptions.

  • Up to 20% off insurance premiums.

  • Transfer program for possible moves.

  • Monitoring cellular, landline or broadband.

  • Lifetime replacement parts warranty.

  • Self or full installation.

Discount Network

Customers can purchase the 5 Star Pass Discount Program.

By using 5 Star Pass, they can get discounts nearly anywhere.

It is on your smartphone and shows you where deals are nearby using GPS.

You also receive a free credit consultation, and have the advantage of using preferred lenders.

Energy Supply

5Linx itself is not an energy supplier, but they have researched the best priced suppliers.

It can be stressful shopping all the various energy suppliers.

When you sign up, 5Linx will find the best prices for your energy supply in the current deregulated energy market.


5Linx will help you find the internet service that is best for your needs.

Partnered with various sources, they will develop a plan that works for you.

5Linx is also partnered with several fiber video sources that can provide video on demand and streaming to other devices.

You can decide between AT&T Fiber or Verizon Fiber that will provide a high quality picture and is dependable no matter weather conditions.

5Linx can also set you up with top-rated cable television.

Carriers include AT&T U verse, Time Warner and Xfinity TV.

Personal Services

5Linx also has a wide variety of personal services such as:

  • 24/7 Tech with technical support either remotely or on site. These experts will get your devices working properly in a short time. Not only that, they offer a self-help database so you can figure out and fix the technical issue yourself.

  • Data Vault Online Backup. You can backup all your data so you do not need to fear loss.

  • Safe Score is a credit monitoring service that will help you keep your credit scores at the highest levels possible.

  • ID Guard monitors your identity. They will report any suspicious activity and you will also receive $1,000,000 identity theft insurance. Identity theft is a major problem and with this, you are safe.

  • Safe Guard Services is a bundle of all these services to completely protect you and your assets.


Similar to residential, 5Linx also offers energy services, entertainment services and security systems for businesses.

They also have:


5Linx enhanced care MD Smarter Choices is a health care system for your employees.

With a network of physicians and RNs, employees have many options for healthcare.

Many premium and deductible options are available.


5Linx has various digital marketing methods to help your business grow.

5Linx Local SEO will help your business be better recognized within your local vicinity.

Text Alertz is a text marketing plan that works great in communicating with your clients and customers.

Offering a special sale?

Just send them a Text Alertz and watch your business prosper.

5Linx also offers Business Elite Services that is a complete bundle of business services that can help your business grow and succeed.

Pay and Financing

5Linx also offers businesses help with economical issues.

5Linx capital is a comprehensive system to give you and your business options for financing and funding.

5Linx is there to help fill out contracts and find you the best funding option for your needs.

5Linx Payroll is a perfect means to take that stress out of your head and allows 5Linx to handle all the payroll means for your staff.

5Linx covers taxes, direct deposit, work-men’s compensation and much more.

5Linx Payment Solutions is a method of taking all forms of payments, namely credit card processing.

Fraud protection is a part of the plan and payments can be at the storefront, online and even mobile.

Health & Wellness

I had mentioned the health plan for businesses earlier, but the 5Linx enhanced care MD Smarter Choices is also offered for individuals.

Not only that, they offer 5Linx enhanced care MD Telemed Plus. Why wait for a Doctor when you can meet with one over video?

Yes, the Doctor can prescribe medicines, and you also get prescription savings on this plan.


5Linx also offers a variety of nutritional items.

They include:

  • Hi5 Boost is a dietary supplement that helps you lose weight and feel energized.

  • Hi5 Challenge is an all-around wellness kit.

  • Hi5 Edge is a supplement full of energy.

  • Hi5 Fuel is a energizing drink.

  • Hi5 Lean is a meal replacement shake mix.

And they also offer MontaVida coffee and tea.

They chose the best coffee beans and tea leaves to put together top quality products.

So as you can see, 5Linx does have a wide range of products that distributors can offer.

Here is a product presentation that is well done:

What Others Are Saying About 5Linx

I have found reviews both positive and negative about 5Linx.

I actually get a “kick” out of reading some of the negative reviews, because I normally find some crazy statements that actually give a positive aspect to the company.

I was reading one 5Linx hater’s review and I found several statements I would like to delve into further.

He stated the average compensation for members each year is $450.

We must remember that some who sign up did so to get their products and services, not to make money.

Also, you will always have some who sign up and do nothing.

He made it seem that it was wrong that a person had to pay to be a representative.

It is true that there is a cost to join, but how many businesses could you start for $100?

Now when I look at many other factors, I see that many establishments have given good ratings to 5Linx.

As a matter of fact, the Better Business Bureau gives the company an A rating, and they are also highly rated with the Direct Selling Association where they are a member.

Now like always, I suggest you do your own research, and towards the end of this post I will provide a link to the 5Linx website.

But overall, I see that they are considered a reputable and honest MLM company.

I want to share a couple of testimonials:

Curt Anderson who used Hi5 products said this,It wasn’t like I just started working out yesterday. It wasn’t even as if this was my first time taking a supplement. But this was my first time seeing a quick impact in areas of my body I had been working on for years.”

And Diamond Platinum Senior Vice President Tishina Anderson said, “Be careful what you put in front of a Lion. We just might devour it.”

Final Thoughts

Personally, I believe 5Linx looks to be a great MLM company.

I did notice that they are also committed to helping younger members learn how to be entrepreneurs, something that is not taught in many educational institutions.

Students in grades 6-12 can participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Students can be fully sponsored through donations in this year long program that focuses on the core values of 5Linx: Vision, Integrity, Opportunity, Freedom and Success.

5Linx can be found on multiple social platforms:

So, let’s hear your thoughts and opinions on 5Linx.

We are open to both positive and negative, but please be civil doing so.

If you are a 5Linx customer, we would especially like to hear your views and how you have been treated.

You can post all comments and questions in the comment section at the end of this post.

If you think 5Linx is an opportunity you would be interested in joining, you should visit their company website. You can find it at 5linx

Disclaimer: 5Linx is a registered trademark. We are not affiliated in any way with this company. The information provided is for your education.


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