4th Quarter Sales Tips for MLM Reps

In today’s post, I’d like to share some of my best 4th quarter sales tips for MLM Reps.

The 4th quarter is a special time of year. Normally, network marketing booms during these prosperous three months, which include October, November, and December.

During these three months, people are in the holiday spirit. They are buying gifts for their friends and family. They are happy and feel good. Many people are looking for ways to earn additional income. As a result, it’s a great time of year to showcase your company’s products and business opportunity.

What you will see below is a summary of a training I did for my own team, sharing my top 12 4th quarter sales tips for MLM Reps. Enjoy.4th Quarter Sales Tips for MLM Reps

4th Quarter Sales Tips for MLM Reps

There are lots of things you can do to EXPLODE your business during the 4th quarter. What I’d like to do is focus on 12 things that I know work. This is what we will cover in today’s training.

  1. Retarget existing customers
  2. Give products as gifts
  3. Focus on your top-selling products
  4. Have a holiday party or open house
  5. Send out holiday cards
  6. Send gifts to your top prospects, customers, and team members
  7. Set up at local events
  8. Run contests
  9. Advertise
  10. Recommend products as stocking stuffers
  11. Send free products to your top 10 Dream List
  12. Content blitz

By the end of this article, you should identify 2-3 things on this list that resonate with you and then develop a simple action plan for each item you pick.

# 1: Retarget Existing Customers

  • Your best source of business is current and former customers.
  • It’s easier to sell something to an existing customer than to go out and find a new customer.
  • Many people who dropped out or quit can be “reactivated” if you have a game-plan and follow a few simple steps.

Action Items

  1. Print off list of all active and inactive customers and distributors.
  2. Divide your total by 30; that is how many people you will reach out to per day.
  3. Send each person a text, email, Facebook message, phone call, or handwritten note.
  4. Rekindle the relationship if possible.
  5. Ask them why they left and find out what you can do to earn their business back. Consider offering a discount or free product.
  6. Share product testimonials of a product you think they would enjoy.

AdRoll’s State of the Industry report declared that 90% of marketers said that retargeted ads perform as well or better than search, email, or display advertising.

Source: keap

# 2: Give Products as Gifts

  • Giving away products as a gift is a great way to get someone to try a product.
  • Instead of buying people stuff from other stores, shop from your own store.

Action Items

  1. Write down everyone on your Christmas list.
  2. Determine if any of our products would be a good gift for any of these people.
  3. Ask your friends if they need “gift ideas” for their friends and family.
  4. Consider gifting products for Secret Santa, co-workers, stocking stuffers, etc.
  5. Choose FIVE influencers and send them a free product as a gift, along with a personalized note.

89% of consumers can recall the advertiser even two years after receiving a promotional product.

Source: designhill

# 3: Focus on Your Top Selling Products

  • Pick your favorite two or three products and focus on promoting those exclusively.
  • Or pick your company’s best-selling products and focus on those.

Action Items

  1. Do Facebook lives about these products.
  2. Create posts about gift ideas without saying the name of these products.
  3. Publish a few YouTube videos.
  4. Send a personal note to person a day for the next 60 days, along with info about a product you think they would enjoy.
  5. If applicable, hand out product samples whenever possible.

# 4: Have a Holiday Party or Open House

  • Leverage the party-plan during the holiday season.
  • Selling products in a group setting allows you to work smart and leverage yourself.
  • People like to touch and feel a product before purchasing it.
  • It’s possible to earn a few hundred dollars or more in just an hour or two of selling.

Action Items

  1. Schedule a holiday party or open house at your home and demo some products.
  2. Reach out to team members, customers, and former customers to book a party with them.
  3. Focus on retail sales so you can earn immediate money and good commissions.
  4. Consider inventorying a few popular items you know will focus on and sell, so people don’t have to wait to receive the item.
  5. Offer people a discount or free gift for attending your event.
  6. Follow up with all attendees to book follow-on parties.

A holiday event gives your business an opportunity to create intimacy and reserve a moment with your customers. When you invite customers to a special event, you’re building relationships the old-fashioned way–with personal, face-to-face contact.

Source: Entrepreneur

# 5: Send Out Holiday Cards

  • The best month to send holiday cards is OCT, because everyone else waits until DEC (yours will stand out).
  • Your normal holiday list, plus your 100 “dream customers”.

Action Items

  1. Make your name’s list of who you want to send a holiday card to, 100 people minimum.
  2. This includes family, friends, team members, and customers.
  3. Include a year in review, coupon, talk about one product you like, or offer to book a party.
  4. Mail 10 daily until complete.
  5. Hire your kids to help prepare the holiday cards (or outsource it).

Reaching your customers with greeting cards during the holiday season is a good idea to remind them of your products, services, or skills. It works great if you are offering something exciting which is on their wish list. If you send these cards ahead of time, they will surely consider your brand to make holiday purchases. That is the reason, business holiday cards offer you an opportunity for soft sell while making the special day of your customers extra special.

Source: NogenTech

The 4th quarter is historically the best time of the year for MLM Reps ~ Chuck Holmes# 6: Send Gifts to Your Top Prospects, Customers & Team Members

  • Send a gift to your active customers and distributors; even a small gift is fine.
  • Send a gift to your retail customers.
  • Mail a gift card as a gift to your dream prospects.

Action Items

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Determine who you will send gifts to.
  3. You don’t have to spend much money on each person.
  4. Personalized gifts are best (coffee cup, pens, paper, hand made gift, etc.).

When a client receives a gift with your company’s name and contact details on it, they will remember your business every time they use that item.

Source: 8 Ways Media

# 7: Set Up at Local Events

  • Local events are a great place to meet people.
  • It’s a great way for people to try the products.
  • You can set up as a vendor or just go and network with other vendors.

Action Items

  1. Search online for a list of local events in your community.
  2. Find one local event each month you can attend or set up as a vendor.
  3. Talk with other team members in your local area and see if they want to participate with you.

As one of the most effective marketing tactics, events offer you the opportunity to connect directly with both existing and prospective customers

Source: Zozmus

# 8: Run Contests

  • People love contests.
  • Contests help boost productivity with your current team.
  • Even simple small prizes work.
  • If you don’t know what to do for a contest, ask your team members what interests them.
  • Keep contests designed for the part-timer.

Action Items

  1. Brainstorm ideas for a contest.
  2. Pick an idea.
  3. Set a date and prizes.
  4. Announce to your team.

Competitions are an excellent way to drive purchases of your product or service either as a direct result of the competition or as a result of nurturing your audience after they have entered your competition.

# 9: Advertise

  • All businesses should advertise.
  • Advertising gives you leverage and frees up some of your time.
  • Good advertising also leads to word-of-mouth referrals.
  • It’s a good time of year to lead with the products, since people are doing holiday shopping.
  • Places to advertise: HOA Newsletter, Church Newsletter, Classified Ads, Craigslist, Penny Saver, Thrifty Nickel, Postcards, magazines, Facebook, etc.

Action Items

  1. Set an advertising budget.
  2. Research five potential places to advertise and find out their rates.
  3. Draft up and ad, and share with your coach for input.
  4. Try out an ad or two.

After years of constant growth, online advertising revenue in the United States surpassed 46 billion U.S. dollars during the last quarter of 2020. This figure represents quarter-on-quarter growth of 31 percent and can be linked to the upward trend in advertising efforts during the holiday season.

Source: Statista

# 10: Recommend Products as Stocking Stuffers

  • Most people are looking for ideas for low-cost stocking stuffers.
  • Identify three or four inexpensive items your company offers and focus on those.

Action Items

  1. Identify four or five low-cost products, put on a flyer, and give to people.
  2. Do a video on social media with stocking stuffer ideas.
  3. Use your company’s products as stocking stuffers.

Product bundling is an effort to capture the maximum amount of this surplus, making customers feel like they’re getting products at a steal, and making their buying journey much easier, as well.

Source: Skubana

Your best source of sales is current and former customers and reps ~ Chuck Holmes# 11: Send Free Products to Your Top 10 Dream List

  • Sending a gift to someone, especially a dream client, can pay huge dividends.
  • Many influencers are looking for items or services to promote to their audience.
  • What you give out always comes back to you many times over.
  • Sponsoring even one influencer is better than sponsoring 100 regular people.

Action Items

  1. Write down your dream list (most influential people you know).
  2. Send each person a free product sample, a coupon, and personalized letter.
  3. Follow up with each person two weeks after you mail it.
  4. Team up with FIVE team members and have them do the same thing.

Studies have shown that tweets from influencers when coupled with those from brands have increased purchase intent 5.2X. Not only that, 40% of people have reported having made a purchase as a result of an influencer tweet.

Source: Grin

# 12: Content Blitz

  • Creating content is a great way to automate part of your business.
  • Content includes articles, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Content can create leads and sales for you for years to come.

Action Items

  1. Set a goal to create 10 videos.
  2. Upload each video to Facebook and YouTube.
  3. Have each video transcribed and publish it as an article online.
  4. Strip the audio out the video and upload it as a podcast on SoundCloud.
  5. Point each piece of content to your website or capture page.
  6. By doing this you will have 10 Facebook videos, 10 YouTube videos, 10 articles, and 10 podcasts: 40 PIECES OF CONTENT.

The Digital Advertising Summit held by Adobe in 2018 revealed that over 50% of consumers find it easy to ignore ads online. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to stand out and make your content less spammy and more engaging. Forget the lowest-price point marketing tactics; consumers of today want to know what makes your product the best and how it will address their pain points.

Source: Avalaunch

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best 4th quarter sales tips for MLM Reps. Rather than try and do everything on this list, start out by picking two or three ideas that resonate with you and then focus on those. Once those tasks are complete, if you want to try something else, that’s great. If you found this information helpful, please share this article with your team.

What are your thoughts? What are your best 4th quarter sales tips for MLM Reps? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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16 thoughts on “4th Quarter Sales Tips for MLM Reps”

  1. Yes I completely agree with you, these three months (October, November and December) are vital for network marketing. Following your advice and to start at some point, I will choose these 3 tips:
    1_Retarget existing customers: it should be easier to regain the trust of someone that you already know and knows you.
    2- Give products as Gifts: you can give your products to popular youtubers of your niche, probably they are going to make a review of your gift.
    3_Focus on your Top Selling Products: There is a reason for this status, it is going to be even easier to sell them through these 3 months.

  2. The 4th quarter is huge for all of the reasons you mentioned. Almost every business has a surge of sales in OCT, NOV, and DEC. It’s important to have a game plan and marketing plan in place ahead of time, so you can maximize these sales.

    1. Yes, knowing that fourth quarter will be big for your business, you should have a detailed plan just for that. What is your budget? What is your daily mode of operations? Where will you advertise? Who would you like to reach? These are all questions you should answer ahead of time.

  3. Everyone likes gifts and no doubt about that. Another fourth quarter is here and I would make use of everything I learned from this post. Thank you for writing a well-explained article on how to retarget existing customers.
    It is good to focus on top-selling products but other products should not be left behind. What can you say about running a referral contest? Do you think it’s a nice idea?

    1. When it comes to running a referral contest, one of the best things you can do is ask your existing customers what would motivate them to give you referrals? Take a pen and paper with you and take notes. Write down everything you hear and then design a referral contest around the best ideas.

  4. The 4th quarter is the best time to sell for a number of reasons — but you have to know how to market yourself to make 4th quarter sales before you can expect to see conversions.

    Live events, gifts, and staying in touch with past customers are the keys to making 4th quarter sales happen. Everyone likes gifts, live events are fun and exciting, and staying in touch is necessary to maintain any kind of long-term customer-rep relationship! If your customer hears from you after making their first purchase, they’re more likely to remember you and come back, resulting in more potential sales. Couple this with offering them a gift or inviting them to a live event and you have a conversion waiting to happen.

  5. It’s no secret that 4th quarter is the best time to sell. So many holidays coming up, Christmas spirit, and add personal anniversaries and special dates on top of that and you’ve got the whole package! Everyone loves loyal customers, but many people forget that loyalty comes at a price too! You can’t forget your customers, you must remind them at all times you’re there for them, and even a chocolate bar every once in a while makes people trust you more and more willing to choose you over someone else! These ideas are great for engaging with your current and former customers and looks like a sure way to build mutual trust.

  6. A customer is a customer is a customer. A customer stops buying because you stop selling him products or because you offend them!

    You can also do some alchemy and combine more than one option, you can use advertising to target existing customers.

    And you can use advertising to target existing customers by selling them an offer that only a dummy will refuse, like buy one and get one for free.

    1. Good points about reaching out to current and former customers to increase your sales. You are also right about why people stop buying from you. Most business owners do a horrible touch of staying in touch with customers after the initial sale. They treat the relationship like a one night stand, rather than investing the time and energy to build a long-term relationship.

  7. According to the business perspective, I never know that October, November, and December are the lucky months. As a beginner, your articles really helped me. There is no doubt why these months are considered booming months as people love to buy gifts in these months. The idea of giving products as a gift seems like a good approach. I should give some holiday gifts to my loyal customers. Focusing on top-selling products is the other great idea because every customer has some favorite products. I also like to buy certain products over and over again. I will do a Facebook live or raise a poll on Instagram to find out what people’s favorite items are.

    1. Historically, these months are always the best. People feel good. They have the holiday spirit. They are out and about buying gifts and spending money.

      Your point about giving your business’s items as a holiday gift make perfect sense. Not only is it a tax write off, but it can also lead to increased sales.

  8. I believe that being involved in the community and getting your brand out there go hand in hand. If you want people to know about you, getting your company known is essential. Running events and being involved can be the boost any company needs. Focusing on existing customers is so valuable because everyone wants to be appreciated and cared for by those they choose to support. Giving gifts to your customers is a great way to keep your existing customers happy. This article has some amazing tips for being a great MLM rep.

    1. Running live events is almost always money well spent. It gives you the opportunity to connect with people face to face and prospects can review your merchandise. They can sample it, touch it, and see how it works. This will definitely help improve your sales.

      And your point about existing customers is spot on. That is where fortunes are made. Taking care of your current customers so they give you more referrals and do more business with you.

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