Top 20 4Life Products

Today, I’m going to share the top 20 4Life products, as I see it.

In 1998, a husband and wife team founded a health and wellness company that is known as 4Life. Based in Sandy, Utah, David and Bianca Lisonbee have watched the company they started grow by leaps and bounds using the multilevel marketing format that allows independent distributors the opportunity to start their own home-based business without a huge investment.

4Life has won multiple awards and is supported by many famous athletes like:

  • World Series Most Valuable Player: Edgar Rentería
  • Hall of Fame Golfer: Johnny Miller
  • USA Bench Press Powerlifting Record Holder: Brady Stewart
  • Pro Baseball Player: Manny Ramirez
  • Olympic Gold Medalist: Torah Bright
  • and many more.

In today’s post, I have decided to look at online reviews, sales figures along with the opinions of friends and family to find the top 20 4Life products. Keep in mind, I am in no way affiliated with 4Life.

This is a non-biased look at their products so you can make a wise decision whether 4Life is the home-based business you would like to have.

Top 20 4Life Products

Top 20 4Life Products

Let’s take a look at the best 4Life products. I am starting at #20 and working to #1. Enjoy the list.

# 20: Tea4Life

With an apple and cinnamon flavor, this tea was developed to detoxify and cleanse your system. The herbs used support the colon activity to take the junk from your body. It has no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

This tea is excellent. I have been using this tea for months and its helps me with my digestive system. No sugar needed! It has a great taste.

~ Janine

# 19: Super Detox

This supplement is both a detoxification agent and an antioxidant. It contains milk thistle, red clover and artichoke, which are all known to build liver strength and aide in detoxifying the body.

I have used this product several times, and it works wonders. Given the proper amount of time, you will be detoxed 100%. I would recommend this to anyone.

~ James Zitzmann

# 18: Transfer Factor Belle Vie

This supplement targets female health of breasts and gynecological areas. With a blend of herbs, phytoestrogens, indoles and calcium, Belle Vie helps the complete female system with immunities from attacks of the areas of concern.

Thanks to 4Life products like 4Life Transfer Factor Belle Vie, I’ve supported multiple aspects of my health. I live a full and happy life! I am very grateful to 4Life for this special product for women’s health! Thank you very much, 4Life.

~ Maribel Sabogal Alva

# 17: Fibre System Plus

This is a 10-day cleansing system. It helps the digestive tract get back to proper working order. It contains over 25 herbal extracts known for their gastro cleaning abilities. It is a great way to start a weight management program.

I take 4Life Fibre System Plus packs at least 3 times a week. When needed, I also take it with the 4Life tea. It keep me regular without cramping and bloating.

~ csimon

# 16: Shape-Fast Ultra

This supplement is geared towards weight management. The ingredients provide energy while suppressing the appetite. It contains ginseng, chromium, guarana, green tea and more that can help you get in shape.

Awesome product!!! I have been using shape-fast for years. It gives you just a little boost that is not harmful! If you are looking to get all wired up, then this is not for you. This is not going to be dangerous for your heart. All of the 4 life products are excellent!!!

~ Deanna Araya

# 15: Aloe Vera

This is pure aloe vera juice that is known for its wonderful health properties. It can help the digestive process, along with building strong immunities.

When my system is not feeling right, I am exhausted to the bone, or if I am getting over a mild sickness, I reach for this. It helps to not only energize me but makes my body feel whole and functioning once again. I have researched the benefits of Aloe Vera for some time and this product really is effective in making me feel good. It provides me with a natural cleansing to my system by assisting in digestive health and in turn this causes me a surge of natural energy. I really like this product for a boost of health.

~ Violet

# 14: Energy Go Stix

These packets are designed to provide you with a healthy way to get extra energy. Just mix with water and you can get some more energy and stamina. They come in berry, orange and pink lemonade flavors. The energy boosters are natural using ginseng, yerba mate, guarana and green tea extract.

I love this product! Vitamins, electrolytes and energy all in ready to mix individual serving pouches. Great flavor and so convenient for on the go. I use this daily and love the energy it adds to my day.

~ DeAnn

# 13: Citri-Shape

These fruit extract supplememental pills will help control the appetite and support your metabolism. It has no caffeine, but does have an ample amount of Vitamin B. It has garcinia cambogia to help control the appetite.

This is a great natural product that helps you to loose weight without having the side effects that other weight loss pills tend to have. I have used this at work and before the gym, and it gives me energy and makes me feel great.

~ Jenn

# 12: Transfer Factor Cardio

This supplement contains a blend that includes ingredients known to be great for the heart. With over 18 various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you know your heart is getting the stuff it needs to be a strong muscle.

The Cardio makes me feel that my heart is alive, and I am sure that it supports my health and I can live quality of life. I would not stop taking it because I can guarantee for myself that it is one of the most important supplements for my circulation and I feel like 25 years old.

~ Mike

# 11: Pro-TF Protein Bars

Carry these with you for that immediate healthy snack. With approximately 10-grams of protein, these bars help build lean muscle and supports the burning of fat turning you into a lean machine.

4Life offers numerous delivery method

# 10: RiteStart Men

Made with the men in mind, this supplement helps build a strong immune system. It provides ingredients to support the cardiovascular system and healthy bones. This is made to give men a great start for the day.

Ritestart Men is my daily multi-vitamin, I recommend it to my friends who need multivitamin products. One of the best on the market!

~ Juan A

# 9: RiteStart Kids and Teens

As with #10, this supplement was developed to provide kids and teens what they need to have a right start for each day. A large supply of the stuff kids don’t normally get from their diets will have them growing strong and healthy.

My son love this new flavor, great product to give my son health support!

~ Robert

# 8: RioVida

This is a liquid dietary supplement that has a large supply of super fruits high in antioxidants. RioVida supports a strong immune system. It contains a high content of Vitamin C, and tastes great with the natural juices of the elderberry, acai, blueberry and pomegranate. Mix it with other drinks, or drink it straight.

I’ve always had a low immune system. After taking this product for a few months. I have not gotten sick! I am so happy i found this product.

~ Jeanne

# 7: Transfer Factor Recall

This supplement was designed to build a hearty and healthy brain function. The ingredients studied to show amazing effects on the human brain are:

  • Vinpocetine
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Huperzia serrata
  • Bacopa monnieri

As a student with a lot studying. I am always tired, but with the recommendation from cousin. I have tried it for a while. I find i can more focused and able to concentrate better than before.

~ Jose

# 6: Transfer Factor Renuvo

Some claim that this can take someone who is 50 and make them feel like they are 25. It supposedly builds sexual vitality, mental awareness, increased energy and provides a complete body recovery.

I supplement with 4Life products and my results are impressive. My recovery is better, my general attitude is improved, and my overall vitality has increased.

~ Luz Helena Rincon Ruiz

# 5: Transfer Factor GluCoach

This is one of the most popular 4Life products. It promotes healthy glucose levels, and promotes strong pancreatic health. It contains herbs and minerals that support a proper hormone production.

After a week taking 4 capsule a day, I have noticed a huge difference in my foot pain from my elevated sugar levels. I have been a Transfer Factor Glucoach customer for many years. This product has not disappointed me.

~ Yvonne Burch

# 4: Pro-TF

Many sports stars love this protein shake mix. It provides a high concentrate of protein that reduces hunger and supports muscle growth. It also boosts energy to achieve the best workouts. There are only 70 calories in 1 serving.

4Life Pro TF helps me lose 3 lbs in a week. All I do, just take the product, and walk my dog, eating more salad than usual. I am so happy to see the result. I will continue to use this product. Thanks to this product.

~ Maria D.

# 3: RiteStart Women

As with numbers 9 and 10, this supplement is geared toward females. It provides the needs every woman has to get a great start on the day. This is a huge selling product, which means healthy women.

Rite start woman has improved my energy, mental well being and overall feminine health. Love it.

~ Isabell

# 2: Transfer Factor Classic

One of the original 4Life products, Transfer Factor Classic is a dietary supplement that boosts the ability of cells to kill threats entering our bodies. Immunity levels climb higher using Trasfer Factor Classic.

Good for boosting the immune system.

~ tesolec

4Life runs its own manufacturing facility

# 1: Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula

The best way to explain this 4Life product is taking the #2 (Classic) and putting it on steroids. It makes a strong immune system by boosting the natural killer instinct of cells by close to 300%. This is by far the best selling 4Life product.

I adore this product, it works wonders. I first tried it out because of my mom and now I take them every day. It has strengthened my immunological system and I don’t get sick as often as before, now it’s only around once or twice a year. If you can get these around you then definitely do. My grandad used these when he was diagnosed with cancer and along with the treatments it was completely gone, I love this product!

~ Melanie D.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite 4Life products? Do you agree with my findings? Feel free to post your comments, questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

If you would like to try any 4Life products, or if you may be interested in becoming a 4Life independent distributor, I suggest you visit their website in the reference section. I am also putting several other references I used in the development of this post. Thanks for visiting.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor the Online MLM Community is affiliated in any way or form with 4Life. This is not a paid review. It is written strictly for your information. Also, 4Life products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any diseases. The name is a registered trademark. Individual results will vary.


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