4 Tips on How to Build a MLM Dynasty

What does it take to build a MLM Dynasty?  That is a great question.  My definition of a MLM Dynasty is a network marketing organization that will continue to grow for many years to come with or without out (preferably without you).  After all, that is the ultimate goal of building a MLM Business anyway: to have a walkway income that gives you the TIME and MONEY to support the lifestyle you want.

Now, this won’t just happen by accident.  Few people ever build a MLM Dynasty.  But the ones that do have certain things in common. They do certain things in a certain way.  They are strategic about their business.  They treat their business like they have a million dollars invested in it and they work their business consistently for YEARS.

how to build a MLM DynastyIn today’s post, I’m going to share four of my best tips on how to build your own MLM Dynasty.  These are some things I’ve learned during the past 11 years that I’ve found to be true.  Enjoy.

# 1 Go 20 Wide and 20  Deep

I learned this lesson during my time in Amway from my favorite Diamond, Dave Severn.  His lesson was to personally sponsor 20 people and drive each one of those legs 20 levels deep. Do that and you will have at least 2-3 SERIOUS leaders in 20 different legs of your organization.  Do that and your business will explode and grow FAST.  Regardless of your compensation plan, you can follow this same principle (even in a binary).  Sponsor 20 people and jackhammer each leg 20 levels deep until you find a few key leaders in each leg.

# 2 Find 50 Leaders in Depth

Once you have 50 leaders in depth, you are on the verge of building a MLM Dynasty.  When I say leader, I mean someone who is self-sufficient, motivated, and EXTREMELY serious about their business.  These are folks who attend events, who sponsor others, get customers and teach others to do the same. These are folks who do the work and treat their business like they had a million dollars invested in it.  Please know that you don’t have to personally sponsor these folks (you probably won’t).  You just have to keep building depth UNTIL you find them.

# 3 Get 100+ People at the Big Functions

One of your biggest goals in your MLM Business is to get people to attend the big functions. When people attend these big events, magical things will happen in your team.  People will get excited and motivated,  Your team will grow at a rapid pace following a big event.  Once you have 100 people going to functions you are on the verge of building a MLM Dynasty.  Get 500 or more and you have walkaway income and security.

#4 Three and You Are Free, Six and You are Rich

This is a lesson I’ve heard a few six and seven figure income earners talk about.  Once you have three serious people (in different legs of your group) who build a big business, you will be financially independent.  Once you have six, you will be rich and be able to walkway from your business if you so desire.

Putting It All Together

From what I’ve found, it will take most people about five to seven years to build their business big enough to where they can be financially independent and ten to twelve years to build walkaway income.  Now, please keep in mind that most of these people are building their business on a part-time basis, while they have a day job, so that’s still pretty impressive.

As you can see, it’s really important that you team up with the RIGHT company.  You need a company that will be around for the long haul, so make sure you find a good company to grow with.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my top four tips on how to build a MLM Dynasty.  I truly do believe that anyone can build a MLM Dynasty if they have a game plan, a strong work ethic and relentless discipline.  It also helps to work with a good company AND to have a good mentor.

What are your thoughts?  What are your best tips on what it takes to build a MLM Dynasty? Leave a comment and let us know.

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2 thoughts on “4 Tips on How to Build a MLM Dynasty

  1. Five to seven and ten to twelve years does SOUND like a lot, but successful businesses, much less a dynasty is not going to be built overnight. I think that’s an adequate amount of time to work towards building a MLM dynasty. And your tips are very helpful. Thanks Chuck, for another great post!

  2. That’s a lot of years. But, as you said, that’s doing it part-time. It’s a full-time demand though, as are children and family and church and activities. I shouldn’t be daunted though, having gone through college, med-school, post-grad training, and having a child at the same time.

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