3 Steps to Closing Your MLM Prospect

What is the key to success when closing your MLM Prospect?  The purpose of this article is to share some of my best secrets with you, so you can close more prospects and sign up more reps and more customers.

Closing your MLM Prospect is the most important part of your sales presentation. If you’ve spent even a day in sales (or network marketing), you realize that nothing happens until you close your prospect. If you don’t close your prospect, you don’t get the sale, you won’t sponsor a new distributor, and you don’t make any money.

Closing the MLM Prospect is about positioning yourself as a leader. It’s about walking your prospect through an organized, thought out sales process, and getting them to make a decisions. I’d boil it down to three steps.

1. Share Your Business Opportunity: Once you’ve found qualified prospects, your job is to share the business opportunity with them. Ideally, you want to cater your business opportunity presentation to fulfill a need identified by your prospect.

For example, if you are promoting a wellness network marketing company, and your prospect identified that they wanted to lose weight, you could focus on your weight loss products. You could show your prospect how your company’s products can help them achieve their weight loss goal, while getting paid at the same time.

When showing your business presentation, focus on the BENEFITS of what you are selling (not the features) AND keep your presentation short and to the point.  Find out what your prospect’s hot button is and focus on that.

2. Answer Questions and Objections: In just about any sales situation, your prospect will have questions and objections. Most network marketers fear questions and objections from their prospects. Don’t make this common mistake. When someone has objections, it means they’re interested. They just need more information, before they can make a decision. Your key to success is to answer their questions and overcome objections, without coming across as pushy or desperate. Once you overcome their objections and answer their questions, continue with the closing process.

3. Ask for the Sale: You must ask for the sale. If you don’t ask for the sale, you are setting yourself up for failure. Once you overcome your prospect’s objections, ask him to sign the distributor agreement. If you are talking with your prospect over the phone, or online, send them to your personal distributor page so they can sign up immediately. If you don’t ask for the sale, many of your prospects will be excited today, but will change their mind in day or two. The best time to sign up your excited prospect as a new distributor is right now. Please realize that most people who won’t “sign up right now” won’t sign up in a couple days from now either.  Once again, you don’t want to pressure them to join, but you do want to assume the sale and lead them through the process.

Final Thoughts

By following this simple three step sales process, you will achieve better results closing your MLM Prospects. Remember, professional network marketers have a game-plan. They understand that selling is a process. And they know their step-by-step process by heart. All they do is walk their prospects through a series of steps until they become a distributor.

Learn how to do this yourself and you will get better results in your business.

What are your thoughts?  What are you best tips to closing your MLM Prospects?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “3 Steps to Closing Your MLM Prospect”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    This was an excellent post. I just want to give a bit of aide here. I was a strong salesperson in a company that was #1 in windows, doors and siding across the entire nation. If I would have shown this post to a sales or general manager, they would have been all smiles until they reached #3. It would have been at that point they would have screamed, “YOU NEVER ASK FOR A SALE!”

    Let me explain. In a close, you should already be reading if the prospect is willing and able. You hand them the pen and say, I know you want this, so sign here. You don’t ask for the sale, you tell them to buy.

    Instead of asking, just hand them the pen and say, I know you like this deal, so just sign here so we can get you started.

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