27 Things You Should Know About Your MLM Team

In today’s post, I want to share 27 things you should know about your MLM Team.  These are things I have learned from personal experience during the past thirteen years in this great industry.

There might be a few exceptions to these rules from time-to-time, but these are common generalities I have found in our industry. Check them out for yourself and then leave a comment to tell me what you think.

# 1 They are good people who want more out of life. I personally believe that most people entering our industry are good, honest people who are simply looking to make some extra income and improve their quality of life.  Yes, there are some shady people who join our industry, but it’s not the norm.

# 2 Most of your team joined the business out of hope or desperation.  Most people who get involved in our industry look at this business as the answer to their financial problems.  Some folks are downright broke and desperate when they first get started, while others are comfortable, but would like some extra income.  Many new distributors have spent YEARS messing up their finances, but they expect their new business to fix that problem in a few weeks or a few months.  It’s crazy.

# 3 Most of your team, close to 90%, will sponsor 3 or fewer people. Industry statistics, from what I have read anyway, show that the average distributor sponsors just 2.7 people.  Nearly half of your team will not sponsor even one person.

# 4 Most of your team will do the business part-time, some-time, or no-time. Less than 3% of your team will do the business full-time or have the “all-in” mentality.

# 5 Most of your team does not want another boss.  Most people start a business so they can be their own boss, not so they have someone to tell them what to do.  That being said, most people who join our industry have never been their own boss before, so they don’t know what to do.

# 6 Most of your team is looking for a leader that they can follow.  People want to follow someone who knows who they are and where they are headed in life.  People want someone who will inspire them.

# 7 Most of your team is more motivated by the fear of loss than the opportunity of gain. Show people how they have something to lose and they will move heaven and mountains to keep it.  Show them how to gain something that will change their life for the better and most people will do very little to get it.

# 8 Your best people will not always start out as superstars. Sometimes your best reps will simply be product users for a few years, before they make the decision to build a big business. Your job is to keep people around UNTIL they make that decision or lead you to someone who does make that decision.

# 9 Most of your team has fears just like you do. Everyone has fears in life, which might include the fear of failure, the fear of loss, or the fear or rejection.

# 10 They are unsure about whether or not they can be successful in the business. Most people have low self-confidence or worthiness issues, and therefore, doubt their ability to be successful in your company (or anything else in life).

# 11 Most team members have never owned a business before.  For most people in our industry, they have only had a job their entire life.  There is nothing wrong with that, but it can hold a lot of people back in our industry until they develop the right skill-set and the right mind-set, one of an entrepreneur.

# 12 Most people will need intense support and hand holding. Most of the people on your team will need your help.  If left on their own to figure things out they will fail and/or quit. Very few people are leaders or doers.  On the other hand, your best people will typically need very little help, training or support.

# 13 Most need to be told exactly what to do. Most people want to follow a simple system or game plan.  They want to know the “how to” but they don’t want you to be bossy about it.

# 14 Most people don’t understand the commitment it takes to become successful in our industry. Most of the people on your team won’t understand how many people they will have to go through and how hard (and long) they will have to work to make it to the top ranks in your company.

# 15 Most people are struggling financially in their day-to-day life. Just like in the real world, most people in your downline are living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes even day-to-day.

# 16 Most will have an unsupportive spouse. It’s very uncommon that you will find a distributor with a supportive spouse about the business.  When you do, the couple will normally do very well in the business.

# 17 Most will quit in 90 days or less. Just like New Year’s resolutions and gym memberships, most people in your business won’t stick around very long, regardless of what you do to help them.

# 18 Most people have the potential to do something great, if they decide to.  I believe that everyone has a sleeping giant within them that can wake up and shine through.  Everyone has untapped potential to be great.  It doesn’t mean they will use it, but it’s there.

# 19 Most people on your team do not have much of an “influence” or “level of respect” with their friends and family and therefore will not be able to get them to join the business.  Most new reps have a lousy level of influence with their friends and family, especially when it comes to business.  That’s why they struggle to sponsor people in their warm market.  They simply don’t have the credibility.

# 20 Most people are looking to make money without doing any work. Sadly, we live in a society where many people are lazy and are looking for something for nothing.  Our industry tends to attract a lot of these people.

# 21 Most people don’t really understand network marketing. As my mentor says, 100% of the world not in network marketing don’t get it, and 90% of the people in our industry don’t really understand it.  Our industry is not about selling or recruiting.  It’s about sponsoring and teaching.

# 22 Most of your team will think that this business is all about selling.  One of the biggest misconceptions in our industry is that you need to be a good salesperson to be successful.  Truthfully, this business is more about teaching and leadership than it is about selling.

# 23 Most people don’t know a way to build the business that works for them. The only reason people don’t sponsor people is because they haven’t learned a way to do it that makes sense to them.

27 things you should know about your mlm team# 24 Most people would be happy with an extra $200 to $500 per month. Believe it or not, most people on your team would be happy with an extra few hundred dollars per month.  For most folks that would be completely life-changing.

# 25 Most of your team will do very little, even if you spend a lot of time helping them. Sadly, the 20/80 rule holds true in our industry as well.  You need to be smart about who you spend time with.  Offer you help to everyone, but work with the willing.  Work with the people who DESERVE your time, based upon their actions.

# 26 Most of your team wants what our industry offers, but few will do the work or pay the price. Everyone wants more time, more money and better health, but few folks will do “whatever it takes” to get to that point.

# 27 Most of your team will simply end up as satisfied product users after they stop doing the business.  Close to 90% of your team who are currently building the business will at some point stop and just revert to being a customer (or quit entirely).

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are 27 things you should know about your downline team in your network marketing business.  Most of these generalities hold true from my thirteen years experience in the industry. Of course, individual results might vary.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think most of these statements hold true?  If not, which one(s) do you disagree with?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “27 Things You Should Know About Your MLM Team”

  1. There are a few key points here that I would like to expand on.

    Most of your team does not want another boss. This is so true but so many network marketers treat team members as if they are the boss. It is much better to treat them as business partners, not subordinates.

    Most people want to make money without having to work. Wouldn’t we all? But we cannot allow ourselves to be used. We must let them either swim or sink; it is their business. We can help, but we cannot do it for them.

    This is a great post. I hope many people are reading it.

  2. There is nothing like the truth, and you posted 27 absolute truths here. As network marketers, the sooner we understand and accept these truths, the easier it will be to control and run our businesses. I also believe that these truths could be used within one on one and training sessions. If we try to answer and help our prospects understand each of these, they will not only get a better morale, but they will understand these truths with the people they prospect.

    This is a great post that I believe all network marketers should read. Thank you.

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