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2018 MLM Year in Review

Welcome to my 2018 MLM year in review for my blog and MLM Business. Let me start by saying Happy New Year. I hope 2018 was a great year for you, your family and your business. And I hope that 2019 is your best year ever.

Before I share my stats and 2018 updates with you, please keep in mind that I am an experienced blogger and network marketing professional. I build my business 100% online and I have been in the game for a LONG time, more than a decade. My results are not normal. Individual results will vary.

2018 MLM Year in Review (Website Stats)

2018 was a great year for my website. Although it did not grow as much, percentage wise, as it has in previous years, it was still a very successful year. Here are actual the stats from my Google Analytics account.

Website Traffic

  • We had 827,613 total visitors in 2018 compared to 725,537 in 2017 (14% growth)
  • We had 672,469 unique visitors in 2018 compared to 585,861 in 2017 (15% growth)
  • We had 1,175,804 page views in 2018 compared to 986,817 in 2017 (19% growth)
  • We averaged 2,267.4 visitors per day in 2018 compared to 1,987.8 visitors per day in 2017 (14% growth)
  • We averaged 1,842.3 unique visitors per day in 2018 compared to 1,605.1 in 2017 (15% growth)
  • We averaged 3,221.4 page views per day in 2018 compared to 2,703.7 in 2017 (19% growth)

About 94% of my traffic was free traffic from social media, email marketing, and the search engines.

my 2018 blog stats

2018 MLM Year in Review (Business Stats)

In this section, I will cover most of my income streams and things I think you might find interesting.

# 1 My Primary MLM Company

It was a good year for my MLM Business. I generated 6,188 leads and personally sponsored 78 people in 10-months, all without meeting a single person or doing a meeting of any kind. During that same time-frame, we added 1,398 people to our team. My goal for 2019 is to generate 10,000 leads, to personally sponsor 120 people and add 4,000 people to my team.

# 2 Podcasts

In 2018, I published 130 podcasts and had 26,585 downloads. I have mixed feelings about podcasts. They do help me build up credibility with my prospects, but I’m not sure how much traffic they send my way. I will continue to podcast in 2019 and evaluate my metrics. I currently have around 800 episodes recorded. I would like to hit 1,000 episodes before I retire my itunes channel.

# 3 Mail Order Business

I joined a mail order business in October 2018. I’ve been following the creator of this program for six or seven years now. I wanted to create an additional income stream that was 100% offline, and didn’t require much time or work.

I believe this program is it. It is a leads and education program that can be built completely with postcards. In just a few short months I’ve built up a team of about 60 people. I anticipate I will have 500 to 1,000 people on my team by the end of 2019 and be earning $1k to $2k profit per month by the end of 2019!

# 4 Started a New Website

I started a new website in December 2018 to teach people how to make money online. I want to teach people about getting traffic, leads and closing more sales. To keep my current blog on topic, I thought it would be better to start a new website using this platform. I expect this new website to be a great money maker in 2019. Plus, it will give me added exposure to this website.

# 5 My Marketing System

I’ve been using Power Lead System about a year and a half now. I am a very satisfied customer and affiliate. This is the program I use to recruit all of my reps. It helps you create capture pages and sales funnels so you can automate your recruiting process. I generated more than 10,000 leads using their platform this past year.

# 6 Elite Marketing Pro

January 2019 marks my 10-year anniversary with Elite Marketing Pro. This is a business in a box. It’s an amazing program if you want an online business, but don’t want to do network marketing. I’ve been getting checks every month from them for 10-years.This is a great standalone business, plus it will teach you the skills you need to become a successful internet marketer. Their 10-Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp is the blueprint to how I build my own business.

# 7 New Content

In 2018, I published 198-pages of new content compared to 166-pages of content in 2017, on this blog. I also created 145 YouTube videos, 130 podcasts, and wrote another 250+ articles on other websites. That’s almost 725 pieces of content, or 2 pieces of content per day. If anything, 2018 was the year of CONTENT.

# 8 Leads

My biggest achievement in 2018 was the amount of leads I generated.  I have optimized website to be a lead generation machine.

TOTAL: 14,295 leads

About 90% of these leads were generated for free through my blog. In 2019, my goal is to generate 20,000 leads.

Top 10 Most Visited Pages

Here are the top 10 most visited pages on my MLM Blog in 2018.

  1. MLM Companies in India
  2. Top 10 MLM CBD Companies
  3. List of MLM Companies in the Philippines
  4. Top 27 Amway Diamonds of All Time
  5. QNET
  6. Top 10 Cryptocurrency MLM Companies
  7. Top 10 MLM Companies in Malaysia
  8. Home Page
  9. Top 10 Organic Product MLM Companies
  10. Top 30 MLM Weight Loss Companies

Personal Life

2019 was a great year for me personally. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Rachel and I had our pool redone, which turned out to be a major project. Our previous pool was 30-years old and needed some major love.
  • I took a hunting trip with my dad in northern Maine. We do that every year. It was a blast to get away from my computer and spend some quality time with my dad.
  • Rachel and I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee this year to visit the Grand Ole Opry. If you haven’t been to Nashville, it’s worth the trip.
  • I turned 41-years young this year.
  • Rachel and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.
  • I released a new book.
  • I started a new website.

Goals for 2019

With that being said, here are my goals for 2019.


  • I will read 52 books
  • I will weigh 180 pounds
  • I will take 3 vacations

My MLM Company

  • Reach Double Diamond
  • Add 4,000 people to my team
  • Generate 10,000 leads
  • Personally sponsor 120 people

My New Affiliate Program & Website

  • Build a 104-page website
  • Generate 3,650 referrals
  • Have 300 PREMIUM upgrades
  • Earn free trip to Las Vegas

My Mail Order Business

  • Earn $10,000 profit
  • Generate 730 leads online to mail info packets to


  • Write and publish 2 books
  • Create 988 pieces of new content
    • Add 156 pages of content on MLM Blog (3x per week)
    • Add 104 pages on my Military Blog (2x per week, outsourced)
    • Write/Publish 104 Articles on my new website (2x per week)
    • Publish 156 videos (3x per week)
    • Publish 156 podcasts (3x per week)
    • Publish 156 Slide Share Presentations (3x per week)
    • Publish 156 Warrior Forum Comments (3x per week)
  • Revise/Edit 260 posts on my MLM Blog
  • Revise /edit 260 posts on my Military Blog
  • Attend 3 big industry events (MLM, blogging and affiliate marketing)
  • Generate 20,000 leads

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my 2018 year in review for I hope you enjoyed the post. On a side note, I’d love to hear how your year went. Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope 2019 is your BREAK THROUGH year!

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