2015 Best MLM Success Tips

In today’s post I want to share some of my best success tips for network marketers in 2015 and beyond.  Listed below are 10 simple things you can do to get better results in your business this year.  They are listed in no particular order.

# 1 It’s Your Business – You need to realize that no one cares about YOUR business as much as you do. It’s not your upline’s job to support you, motivate you or build your business for you. Blaming your failure on your upline is pretty pathetic. You won’t succeed or fail because of your upline. It’s your job to determine what you will do with your business. Your future is up to you. Take accountability and responsibility for your own business. And remember, you can make excuses or you can make money.

# 2 Quality not Quantity – Focus on sponsoring quality people. I can’t stress that enough.  You want people with leadership qualities, who have disposable income, are already successful in their career and have a large sphere of influence. If they like to sell, that’s even better. Ultimately, you want to sponsor leaders, not followers. One good leader can be worth MILLIONS to you over the period of your career.

# 3 The Long Term View – I’ve been studying some successful Amway earners this past week. All of them have been with the SAME company at least 20-30 years. Think about that for a moment. There might be a few exceptions out there, but most top earners have been with the same company for a long time. You won’t build a successful business of any kind in less than a few years. Stick with it! Have the long-term view.

# 4 Your Attitude – You must learn to DETACH your emotions from the outcomes in your business. Don’t be concerned about what people say or what people do after they join. Just know that if you work the numbers everything will fall into place. Let your actions control your emotions rather than letting your emotions control your actions.

# 5 Slow & Steady – This is HIGHLY overrated. Slow and steady is better than nothing at all. However, if you want significant growth in your business, you will need to COMPRESS your efforts and take massive action for a short period of time. An example would be a 90 day challenge. Once you’ve done that, by all means, revert back to slow and steady. Yes, you can build a successful business with the slow and steady way of doing things, but it will take decades. At some point, you need to go “all in” for a few months to get some momentum going. Then you can ride the momentum to the finish line.

# 6 Retail to Recruit – One of the best tips I could ever share with you is the retail to recruit method.  This is where you lead with the products instead of the business. Focus on finding customers. Once you’ve done that, slowly upgrade some of your customers into happy distributors. You will make a LOT more money with 50 customers than with 50 distributors. Chew on that! The easiest and fasted way to go FULL TIME fast in this business model is to build up a large customer base. Most people could go full time with just 50 to 100 customers.

# 7 Your System – Yes, you need a system to grow your business. But no, it doesn’t have to be your upline’s system. You want a simple daily mode of operation that you can follow every single day and stick with. It should be easy to do and simple, so your team can replicate it. You need a lead generation system and a training system, at a minimum. Remember that the internet is not a system. It’s just a marketing medium. A system is a documented,
standardized way of doing something. My MLM System is blogging, but that’s just what works for me. You need to pick something that makes sense to you.

# 8 Helping Your Team – Your best people will not need or want your help. I’ve interviewed
several top earners.I asked them “what did you to help your leaders succeed?” They all responded by saying they did NOTHING to help their leaders. The leaders saw the opportunity, got involved, made a commitment, and built the business their own way. When you find a leader like this, consider yourself lucky. You definitely need a system for the other 95%, but your best people won’t need or follow your system. When it comes to help they will figure it out on their own. That’s why they are LEADERS.

# 9 Turn Off Your Computer – If you really want to grow your MLM business in the next 12 months, turn off your computer. Don’t waste so much time on Facebook and YouTube. Don’t think the internet is the answer to all of your troubles. If anything, the internet is a big time waster. Start forming relationships with people you meet. Join some local groups and get involved. I’m sure you already come in contact with at least 50 to 100 people a day. Stick your hand out, put a smile on your face and meet some of these people. This is a RELATIONSHIP business.

# 10 Create a Team Culture – This is million dollar advice once you understand it. You need to create a culture on your team. You must realize that people want to belong to something great than themselves.  Most people will need to incubate for one to two years before they ever do anything with their business.  Your job is to create a culture that “keeps them around” during that time, so they are still in the business when they make a decision to build. Just remember that people want to belong to something bigger than themselves. Have fun. Do meetings. Give people a sense of belonging. This is how you will keep your team together.

I hope these tips help. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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10 thoughts on “2015 Best MLM Success Tips”

  1. These are all really great tips. I like how you keep stressing the importance of having a system in place. I could not agree more. I also think its cool that your particular system is blogging. It seems to be working pretty well.

  2. Thank you for providing some great tips for success Chuck.

    I am a fan of the retail to recruit system. So many network marketers are just focused on getting distributors. They need to realize that if the products are not selling, in time the business will go under. It is much easier to get a person using the products, and then show them how they can receive the products they love cheaper, or even free.

    The turn off the computer is also a great tip. So many people are caught up in Facebook that they are neglecting their families and businesses. I work on my computer, but I have learned to stay out of Facebook unless I am sharing my products or services.

    1. Greg,

      I do think that the Internet and particularly social media can be distracting. I used to have trouble focusing when I was working on my computer because I would switch back and forth between work tabs and social media profiles. Now I actually log out of each of my social media profiles before I begin working. It is a small thing to do, but it helps to keep me on task.

      1. Yes Diamond, you are absolutely correct. I have found that Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Aboutme and all the others can waste a lot of valuable time if you allow them to. As I look at people, I see people spending many valuable hours making senseless posts that are not really helpful to themselves, or anyone else. I do use social media to share my books and articles, but I have learned to get in, and get back out immediately. It seems that social media has taken the place of television for many people, and what is worse are the people that are in both. It makes me wonder how their houses ever get cleaned.

  3. It is definitely not about how many people you have in your company, but about how much effort the people you do have are exerting towards reaching a certain goal. I have seen more success with fewer people of a higher caliber than I have with twice as many people. People of high quality are going to outshine others because they will have the drive for doing and the drive for learning and that is the best combination you can get in this industry.

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