12 Steps to Success for New Network Marketers

Today, I want to share 12 steps to success in network marketing.  This is a collection of blog posts from my website that I think you should read (in order).  It’s designed to help any new or experienced network marketer launch their business the right way.

# 1 How to Find the Right MLM Company

Everything starts out by finding the right MLM Company to work with.  Different companies work best for different people.  There are LOTS of great companies in our industry.  There are also lots of bad companies.  Ideally, you want to find an established company, with a good reputation, and a product line you can get excited about. Learn how to find the right MLM Company.

# 2 How to Find the Right MLM Sponsor

Picking the right sponsor is very important.  You want someone who is serious, is willing to help you, has a proven track record and is accessible.  No, your sponsor won’t build your business for you or make you successful, but having the right sponsor can make life a lot easier for you.  I honestly believe that the sponsor you partner up with is even more important than the company you choose.  Learn how to pick a sponsor.

# 3 How to Create Your MLM Business Plan

All businesses need a written business plan!  Network marketing is no different.  Once you’ve signed up and joined a company, you need to spend a few hours writing down your business plan.  This will let you “think through” the process of building your business and will help you set goals and create an action plan.  Every successful distributor that I know of has a business plan.  Learn how to create your own business plan.

# 4 How to Create Your Daily Mode of Operation

Once your business plan is done, the next step is to create your daily mode of operation.  This is a list of activities that you will do every single day to build your business.  It’s based upon your goals, available time, marketing strategy, budget, and talents.  Without a daily mode of operation you are doomed. This will let you work smart and focus on the money producing activities.  Learn how to create your own daily mode of operation.

# 5 Your First 90 Days

Your first 90 days in the business will really make you or break you.  Anyone can be excited for 60-90 days.  This is the time-frame when most people quit (after they’ve lost their initial excitement).  Achieving some success in the first 90 days will make a big difference and position you for long-term success. Your key to success is to get started right!  Learn more about your first 90 days in the business.

# 6 How to Generate Leads

New leads are the lifeblood of your business.  You might start out by talking to people you know, but at some point, you will need to expand past your warm market.  Knowing how to generate leads on demand is a very valuable skill for you to learn. It’s a skill that all of the top earners have mastered.  Learn different ways to generate leads.

# 7 How to Give a Presentation

You don’t need to be a master at giving presentations, but the sooner you can do this without your sponsor the better off you will be.  By all means, use third party tools (if they are available). If not, you will need to learn how to give a presentation the right way.  It’s true, the person with the marker is the one who makes the money.  Learn how to give a presentation.

# 8 How to Follow Up with People

The money is in the follow-up.  I’m sure you have heard that before.  You need to learn how to follow up with people the right way.  Most people will not join your team right away.  With most people, you will need to follow up with them seven to twenty times before they join and get started. Some of your best people will take you three of four YEARS to sponsor.  This post will teach you how to follow up the right way.  Discover how to follow up with people the right way.

# 9 How to Support Your Team

Supporting your team is critical.  You have a big responsibility as a sponsor.  No, it’s not your job to build anyone’s team for them, but you need to help your new people get started right.  This post will teach you how to support your team the right way.  Learn how to support your team.

# 10 Estimated Timeline for Success

It takes time to build a successful business of any kind.  This is not a get rich quick type of thing. This is a two to five year project, minimum, and probably closer to a ten year project. Find out your estimated timeline for success in network marketing.

12 Steps to Success in Network Marketing# 11 Realistic Expectations

Without a doubt, most people fail in our industry because they have unrealistic expectations of their business.  They think their business will grow on its own and provide immediate profits. The truth is, all businesses take time to grow, nurture and develop. Most people who join our industry have never owned a business before, and therefore don’t realize the hard work it takes to succeed in a business.  Learn more about having realistic expectations.

# 12 Sticking with MLM for the Long Haul

This post will educate you about the benefits of making network marketing a career.  It will help you get your mind right, so you can set some long term goals, see the big picture, and build a strong vision for your future and your business.  Find out why sticking with MLM for the long haul can be a great career move.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed the training.  Feel free to share this page with your team.  In addition, which post did you find most useful?  What information did I leave out?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “12 Steps to Success for New Network Marketers”

  1. The one that stood out to me the most was how to support your team. There were lots of good ideas in that post, and sounds like you are pretty thorough in your training. That, to me, is one of the most important things, in not only network marketing but any business really. Because when your team members are properly trained, not only do they benefit, but you benefit as well.

    1. Yes, training your team is very important, especially if you want them to stick around. But even with the best training, people still need to get off their butt and do the work, which most people won’t do.

  2. I do believe you put the first priority in the perfect position. Finding the right MLM company for you should be your first goal. If you are not impressed by the products or services, why would you want to sell them? It is kind of like a male trying to sell Mary Kay products. You just won’t see it often. It is wise to try the products before you decide if you want to be a part of the company. Don’t let the hype get you into signing up until you have studied the complete company and products first. That is just the wise thing to do.

  3. This was a very good training post Chuck.

    Personally, I cannot say if one is more important than another, but I do think that the training on how to generate leads is one that many should probably keep in touch with. So many network marketers have thoughts that leads will just fall in their laps. It takes work, persistence and time management.

    I also think that your thoughts and training on realistic expectations is very important. MLM is notorious for having people with unreal expectations. Much of this is caused by hype, and lies.

    Every network marketer should read and heed these.

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