10 Reasons People Won’t Join Your MLM Team and What to Do About It

If you’ve spent any time in the MLM Industry, you know that only a small percentage of the people you share your products and business opportunity with will ever join your team.  In the paragraphs below, I want to share some of the most common reasons people won’t join your MLM Team AND I also want to share some things you can do to improve your rate of success.

1. You Talk to The Wrong People

My Thoughts: Not everyone is an ideal prospect for your business.  Avoid broke people, people without dreams, lazy people, unemployed people and people who are fixated on having a job until they die.  Avoid people with a lottery mentality, who are desperate to make more money and are looking for magic dust.  Instead, look for people who have disposable income, who have already achieved success in life already, who have a large sphere of influence, who are respected by their peers, who want something more for themselves and who have an entrepreneurial spirit.  Trust me, successful people are open minded and are ALWAYS looking for extra income streams and new opportunities.  Most broke people are not!  Learn more about your ideal prospect.

2. You Come Across as Desperate and Needy

My Thoughts: Posture is everything; especially in selling.  When you come across as desperate, you will repel people.  Instead, be confident in yourself and what you have to offer others.  Remember, you don’t NEED the person you are talking to about your business.  Your job is not to sell or pressure them to join you!  Your job is to be a network marketing professional and sift and sort your prospects until you find the right people.

3. You Focus on What You Want, Not What Your Prospect Wants

My Thoughts: This business is not about you.  Everything you say and do should be about your PROSPECT.  Find out what they want in life and show them how the business or products can help them get what they want.  The prospect only cares about themselves. They don’t care about you.  So make sure your presentation and conversation is about them, not you.

4. You Focus on People’s Needs, Not Their Wants

My Thoughts: People buy very FEW things in life because they need them.  The rare exceptions might include food and toilet paper.  Instead, people like to buy what they WANT.  Sell hope.  Sell the dream of financial independence. Sell the dream of owning your own business.  Sell the dream of residual income.  Sell the BENEFITS of what your product or business opportunity offers.  Show people how your products and business opportunity helps them solve their own problems.  Find out what their hopes, goals and dreams are and show them how the business can help them get those things.  If you can do that you won’t have a problem sponsoring people.

5. You Say To Much

My Thoughts: Don’t talk too much.  Don’t tell them every single little thing about the business so they end up confused and overwhelmed.  Avoid giving people information overload.  Instead, get good at asking questions and LISTENING.  I know it’s hard to do, but it sure is important. The less talking you do and the more you can get your prospect to talk the better off you will be. When you are talking with people, make sure they are talking at least 2/3 of the conversation.

6. Your Products Are Overpriced and Don’t Provide a Real Value

My Thoughts: If you’re selling $90 magic lotion or $80 juice it will be VERY difficult to get people to buy from you.  Whether you know it or not, the economy sucks right now.  People are pinching their pennies (and rightfully so).  You need products that offer a good value and are affordable to most people.  If your product or service isn’t affordable you might want to find a different company to work with.  I’ve found that it’s easiest to sell products that people are already accustomed to buying.

7. Your Focus Only On Recruiting Distributors, Not Creating VOLUME

My Thoughts: You get paid to create sales volume.  That’s it.  You DO NOT get paid to recruit people.  Whenever you do a presentation, your goal should be to create VOLUME in your business.  Try to get customers first and then upgrade them into distributors later on.  Happy customers will keep ordering whether they build a business or not.  Remember, most of the people you sponsor will quit within 60 days, or less.  When they quit the business they will stop ordering the products.  But if you get customers, and they like the products, they will keep ordering month after month, whether they ever decide to pursue the business or not.  Talk to any 100 people about the business and only a few will be interested.  Talk to those same 100 people about the products and a lot of people will be interested. Learn how to build a MLM Team with just customers.

8. Your Presentation is To Detailed

My Thoughts: Your presentation should take 20-30 minutes MAX.  A good presentation is two to five minutes.  You don’t need to talk about every detail of the compensation plan.  Give them enough information to make an informed decision, but don’t give them information overload.  Most of the things about the products and compensation plan can be learned AFTER they join your team. Focus on the key points, answer any questions they might have, and help them get started.  Utilize tools whenever possible to explain the details.

9. You Don’t Follow Up

My Thoughts: The money is in the follow up.  You already know that.  Most people will tell you NO when you talk with them the first time around.  Where you will make your money is when you follow up with them 30, 60, 90 and 180 days later; and sometimes YEARS later.  If you are serious about the business, many of the folks who tell you NO today will tell you YES three to five years from now.  Collect names, emails and phone numbers of everyone you talk to and remember to follow up with them periodically.  Many of your prospects’ situations will change and they will be ready to join your team a few months down the road, if you follow up.

why people won't join your team10. You Focus on Features Not Benefits

My Thoughts: I briefly mentioned this earlier.  People do not care about the features of your products or services.  Instead, they care about the benefits of what your company or product line can do for them.  If you are selling weight loss products, you are selling the “hope of losing weight” not the weight loss powder.  Learn how to show people how your products can help them get what they want.  Benefits sell.  Features don’t sell.

Bonus Tip: You Don’t Ask for the Sale

Another reason people won’t join your team is because you don’t ask for the sale.  No, you don’t need to hard-sell or pressure anyone, but you do need to be able to look someone in the eye and ask them to buy.  You need to learn how to close.  If you aren’t willing to do that, you need to get out of this business. At the end of a presentation or conversation, simply ask people if they would like to place an order or get started.  There are no fancy phrases or buzz words you have to remember.  Your job is simply to lead people to a decision.  Most people will not make a decision on their own.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the 10 common reasons people won’t join your MLM Team and what you can do about it.  I hope you will study the information on this page and implement it in your business.

What are your thoughts?  Why do you think people won’t join your MLM?  Leave a comment and let us know.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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11 thoughts on “10 Reasons People Won’t Join Your MLM Team and What to Do About It”

  1. I hope the MLM folks read this and take it to heart. I’ve been hassled and badgered for years by all kinds of “friends” who wanted me to join their MLM. Unfortunately, I fit a lot of the criteria you listed – I’m successful, hard-working, have disposable income and a large circle of friends. But I am NOT right for your MLM. Know why? Because I despise the business model and have no interest in being part of one. So take the “no” and do the graceful thing and bow out after the first “no”. Badgering and hassling your successful friends means the word about your desperation only spreads that must further and faster.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Susan.

      There is no need to badger or harass anyone. Reps who have been trained right don’t do that. Sadly, most reps in our industry have not been trained right, so they do a lot of crazy things that give our industry a bad reputation.

      Here’s to your continued success!

  2. Spamming Facebook with your MLM, adding friends to groups without asking, re-adding after they’ve removed themselves, being pushy and annoying = NO ONE LIKES YOUR MLM!

  3. Even though I am a Internet and Digital marketer and make my income from Drop shipping and Internet marketing business and course, I do have to admit that you are actually the most “honest” MLMers I have ever met. I do get trick by many MLMer when I was a college graduate, they tell me that it is a job offer and offer me to come over and have a look at their company and never mention that I have to pay money to “work” with them.

    I am a member of Herbalife but I only use their products and only have people sign up as my downlines unless they asked to. I do agree that MLM reps do need to clean up their act. Recruiting broke and desperate people into their business will only hurt their “business” even more. Because these broke and desperate downlines will also hurt their brand through their desperate to make even more money.

    This is a great website by the way and keep publishing more interesting contents.

  4. You say to much is my personal favorite point in this article. I have a degree in counseling and one of the things that I learned that has benefited me throughout life is to not speak. When there is dead silence a person will begin talking and tell you what you need to know. With all the information you gain you will be able to easily show people why they should work with you. Listen first, then you will know what to talk about.

  5. It looks like you hit every point! Posture is definitely important. Who wants to work with a desperate and needy bloke, anyway? Yeah, I’m going to have to work on that. I would have possibly listed #8 much higher on the list though! I’ve sat through so many long, detailed, boring MLM presentations…it’s not even funny. I find that less information makes me want to ask questions, while getting everything at once makes me want to run the other way.

  6. Chrystlyn Edwards

    According to this article, starting an MLM team in this industry is not as easy as one might think. I do like the honest approach in listing the reasons as to why people will not join the team. Then, the positive encouragement on how to accomplish the goal of building a strong and successful team.

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