Essante Business Review: The #1 Organic MLM Company

Today, I want to provide a Essante business review and tell you WHY I believe it is the # 1 organic MLM Company.

Have you heard of Essante?

Many people are not familiar with this multilevel marketing company but it is my opinion that the name will become quite well known.


Because they are the #1 organic MLM company.

I have decided to do a complete Essante business review to help familiarize everyone with this company.

Before I move forward though, I must tell you that I am a Essante independent distributor and yes, I am somewhat biased.

But the information I am sharing with you is strictly facts and figures to help you decide if a Essante home based business would be in your best interest.

I will explain about the company history, products and compensation plan.

I will then leave you a link where you can purchase products or sign up as an independent affiliate to start your own RegenaLife business.

Essante History

In 2009, a man by the name of Michael Wenniger founded Essante Organics.

Too many man-made chemicals were causing health problems.

The fertilizers, weed killers, antibiotics, etc. were entering the food supplies and ending up in our bodies causing drastic effects years later.

The growth of food had to have changes to help the health of the human population, and organic farming was the only way.

Michael had built mighty teams in MLM before and now was the time he started a company he was completely passionate about. Essante!

Essante is always developing and adding products that are completely organic.

RegenaLife’s headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona.

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RegenaLife Products

I somewhat told you about products in the history, but let’s take a closer look at the organic products offered:

  • Body and spa
  • Home care
  • Outdoor
  • Baby care
  • Nutrition
  • and Essential oils

Essante is always researching new organic products to add to its extensive line.

Essante Compensation Plan

When you study the Essante compensation plan, you realize it is one of the best there is in multilevel marketing history.

They have a binary compensation plan that pays 30% commissions for retail sales.

You build 2 legs as deep as you can go. You get paid overrides on commissions from your lesser leg.

You can watch this video to understand the Essante Comp Plan:

The Essante Pros

As a person who has always been skeptical of MLM opportunities, I can honestly tell you this is the best of the best.

Here are just some of the pros in starting a RegenaLife home-based business:

  • There is no fee to enroll.
  • Dedicated training and support from corporate
  • Live back office with up-to-date commissions paid weekly
  • Products are certified organic and natural
  • Free personal website
  • Many various bonuses

I have researched a plethora of multilevel marketing companies and I have never found any that offer as many benefits for the independent distributors as does Essante.

You do not have to high pressure friends and family, just share the opportunity and when they see how well you are doing, along with trying that wonderful Essante product you shared with them, the odds of signing them up are high.

After all, there is no cost to sign up and the products are amazing.

Final Thoughts

Take my word for it, the Essante opportunity is a wise one for you.

I am not trying to “steal” you from your current MLM company, but if you are frustrated with their training, compensation plan or anything else, maybe you would find Essante Organics more to your liking.

If you do not have a MLM business yet, why not???

I highly recommend you give Essante a go.

The enrollment is free. Just purchase some personal products to start earning.

If nothing else, try one or more of the Essante products and you will discover this company is poised for greatness.

You can learn more, purchase products or enroll to start your own Essante business at the link below:


So let’s hear your thoughts…

Have you used any Essante products?

What are your favorites?

While I am biased, I am open to any comments, so tell us your thoughts below.

Thank you.

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Greg Boudonck is a freelance writer and the author of over 50 books. He writes on many different topics, but business subjects are one of his primary areas of writing expertise. See Greg’s biography here.

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3 thoughts on “Essante Business Review: The #1 Organic MLM Company”

  1. Greg; looks like a great company (I am involved also). What I like about Regenalife is the fact that this company is perfect for baby boomers which means OPPORTUNITY and lots of it. 77 Million baby boomers and everyone of them need several of the products that this company sells. Anti aging products and Vitamins and Minerals are products we all need.

    1. Thanks Al and I am happy to see you on board.

      Personally, I believe that not only baby boomers, but everyone needs to consider our eating patterns and where we are headed. Hopefully we can awaken people to these great products.

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