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Charles HolmesWelcome to my Join My Team page.  My name is Charles Holmes.  My friends call me Chuck.  I hope you will do the same thing.

You’re probably curious about what companies I work with and how I make my money online.  That’s cool.

I believe in being transparent with my visitors and I have to tell you that I am a big fan of multiple streams of income.  I love MLM, but I also love affiliate marketing, blogging and internet marketing.

I offer several different ways we can work together.  First off, I have nearly 40,000 different people visit my website each month.

I know each website visitor is unique and is looking for something different.  Not every company is a good fit for every person.

I simply offer a variety of things and you can pick whichever business best suits you.

Whichever company or business you choose, I will offer help, support and training.

My only request is that you only join me in ONE of these opportunities, the one that is the best fit for you.  I will not cross-recruit anyone into multiple companies or opportunities. 

charles and rachel holmesOption # 1: My Primary Company

My primary company has been around almost 25 years now.  It’s U.S. based and operates in about 60 countries.  It’s constant, steady and reputable. There is nothing negative about it online.

It has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau with zero complaints.  You won’t find the company’s products for sale on Amazon or eBay.  It specializes in health and wellness products.

There are no kits to buy, no membership fees, no website fees and no renewal fees.  No one gets hurt.  It’s a huge company that most people have never even heard of.  There are no meetings, no hype and no drama.  This company is my primary focus and long-term project.

I have been a member since April 2014 and as of July 2016 I have a team of about 450 customers and reps. Feel free to take a free tour to learn more about the company.


Option # 2: My World Wide Affiliate/MLM/Hybrid Start-Up Company

On July 12, 2016 I joined a second company. It’s a combination of affiliate marketing and MLM.  It’s designed to do 100% online.

Here’s why I partnered with them.  I constantly have people from Africa, South America, the Middle East, and Asia contact me about wanting to work with me.

Since my primary company does not do business in those countries, I joined a second company so I could work with these people. I love my primary company, but I was tired of turning people away.  I hope you can understand.

This company is a new company (about two years old).  It offers binary compensation plan and I am building two large legs.  The company specializes in two products.

You can get started for around $80, which includes the $20 fee for lifetime access to the marketing system and your first product order.

The marketing and follow up system is done by the company.  It is the most effective follow up system I have found online.  You simply generate leads and the company takes over to close them for you.

Even after you take a free tour, we start placing people on your team.  It’s pretty cool.  You can take a free tour to learn more.


Option # 3: My Internet Marketing/Top Tier Business

Maybe you’re tired of network marketing.  If so, I get it.  I also enjoy internet marketing and affiliate marketing.  I have been promoting this program with success since 2009.  It has nothing to do with MLM.

You can earn up to $1300 per sale.  I call it a business in a box.  There are about ten different training products you can promote and earn hefty commissions, plus you can promote the system. There is an amazing support community via the Facebook group, plus weekly training calls.  You even get a free coach by the company (it won’t be me).

What I love most about the company is that you simply focus on lead generation.  They do the follow up, selling and closing for you.  It’s like a dream come true. This is designed for someone who wants to make large commissions per sale and wants to get paid off their own efforts. Take the free tour to learn more.


Once again, I hope you will check out these three websites and find the opportunity that is the best fit for you.  If you have questions, feel free to send me an email at  Have a great day!

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41 thoughts on “Join My Team

  1. comfort

    I really wish to become a proffessional network marketer . I had gone through 4 companies without succeeding in any of them. Internet marketing is like a fresh chapter and i don’t know anything about it. Please, i need you to mentor me and teach all it takes to do MLM and be successful through internet marketing.

  2. Shyzah Soharwerdi

    I love reading every word of your advice and inspiration. I have been a part f an MLM Company for 3 years. I built a team of around 80 out of which 25 worked really well for a couple of months and with time they all started to collapse and I am left with 3 in my downline now. I am soooo much obssesed with MLM that I can never think to quit this but meanwhile I am hesitant, demotivated, messed up with scheduling work and not much supported from family to go out and prospect. All I can do is do it on internet and stay limited in prospecting in my country only. I need your help for how can I boost it only on local level and I always find problem for how to start talking about this and what to offer and how to tell and what to tell? People just feel like I am talking crap to extract my own benefits out of them. Please help.

  3. Allison Ahuchaogu

    Hello! Chuck,

    I am happy to be in your site. It is really exciting, the problem is that I could not access your company and the products because the name of my country is
    not in the list of the countries. I am from Nigeria – West Africa.

    Cheers and God bless you.


  4. Jennie

    Hi chuck , I like your posts , I am already affiliate to an mlm company, and I want to start being like you, affiliate leaders to join my mlm company but I don’t know how to start, what would you recommend me that will be my first step?

  5. Desmond Soon

    Hi Chuck great site and very useful information. Anyone who is checking you out would be wise to pay attention and really consider reaching out to you for more coaching and help…I like the fact that you make yourself accessible like you mentioned in the comment you posted on my blog. It’s very true. These days with most of the Online marketers all too many times the someone will sign up and never ever hear from the person who they signed up with and thats a major put off. At least you are really putting yourself out there and being transparent.

    Keep it up.

    Desmond Soon

  6. Georgia Avery

    I wanted to comment on Pamala Fulchar’s experience even though her comment was left awhile ago.

    When I first started my business, one of my upline directors conducted my first presentation. I felt I could do it well myself, but out of professional courtesy for the process this company followed, I went with what she said would be most successful. I should have paid more attention to the “red flag” I saw moving up the proverbial flag pole during the time I was preparing for this presentation with her the day before. She said not to allow anyone any food or drink until after the presentation was over. And like yours Pamala, she went way too long and was not very friendly. Here I was a professional for many years, but sitting there looking out at the forlorn faces as she went through the steps made me want to crawl into the nearest hole. Even after all of that, I did receive several orders from these hungry and thirsty women. It was a well known product and a proven one so these dear people purchased in spite of the not-so-fun gathering. Yes, the products had an excellent reputation, but primarily, these people purchased from me because they liked me and trusted me. So, may I encourage you and anyone else that may be reading this blog and that find themselves in that same position, to go back to those that you feel were “turned off” and talk to them about what you feel happened. Be careful not to criticize your upline, but approach your friends in a conversational way. You might want to tell them that if it had been up to you, you would have presented your product or service in a much simpler way, but that you wanted to respect your director. Keeping to the high road, will help you earn respect from friends and acquaintances and keep the respect you have already. Keep it simple and tell them why you have such confidence in the product or service you are marketing. If what you are marketing is indeed superb, then I definitely would urge you to approach your list of people again. I wish you great success.

  7. Enahoro

    My present company is GNLD, and i want to work my business to success so that i can help others, two years in the business nothing to show for it, and i believe in the opportunity so much. what can i do? please i need your candid advice

  8. Chris R

    I have read and re-read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the Cash Flow Quadrent. I play Cashflow 101 and can get out of the Rat Race in less than one hour every game. I want to move from the left side of the Quadrent to the Right side by building a business and investing in real estate. Look forward to listining to your CD!


  9. chuks

    Hi Chuck,

    I think I have been flying around from one company to the other for quite some time now. Having come across your articles and others inspired me to know that the problem is not from the company but from me. Ever since then I have vowed to remain with my current company even though I have not started getting the result I want. Your articles are helping me a lot in developing different skills and game plan to make me get the result I want. Thanks for your great job.
    Chuks Williams

  10. Nathan


    Loved the blog and your mindset. I have been in 13 years as of Feb, about to sign up for another 2 year AGR tour in San Antonio. Im Active duty Army right now but man…its getting to a point where I feel EXACTLY the way you felt in your 8 reasons you got out with 15 in. I have a few sites and am a NM professional as well. Thanks for your service and can certainly understand your thoughts as I have them right now. If I was single, I would be getting out as my ADSO is up in March. I have been involved with NM for the past 9 months am making about $1300 per month part-time and still building. AGR is hard to come by but is a way out of Ft. Knox and love Texas a LOT of big businessmen and women down there, plenty of people to network with. Appreciate what you do.

  11. Ravitha

    Hi Chuck,

    Today i have received ur mail, in that i have learnt more ideas and will implement today onward. Please provide me some ideas to make a cold calls somewhat better.


  12. Taelo

    The motto for my own business is: “What if you had something that Everyone needed, and buying from You actually saved them a lot of money?”
    I never believed I could be successful in Network marketing but this article has given me a very fresh perspective. I have the best MLM business the industry has ever seen and having mentorship from a person like you will drive it to greater heights. Thank you sir…

  13. Fa

    Hi Chuck,
    I think i have made the right decision in choosing the right MLM company here in my country since it is ranked as Number 1 in my country and top 50 world-wide and has made a profit of RM700 million a year without advertisement and has been in the business for almost 20 years.

    However, the problem is with myself. I hope to get some inspiration and more tips here on how i am able to approach the prospects, or better still get the leads for my business through online methods.



  15. Toyin Ayo-Ojo

    Hi Chuck,i will like to have you as a mentor because everything you wrote in the mail sent to me perfectly described me and for you to have passed through all that it means you will be a great MENTOR. Thanks.

  16. Anthonia

    Thanks Mr Chuck,have been enjoying ur write up,am a customer before i became a networker,i want u to help me on how to build my business n how to do home business succesfully.i like to join ur team but how is it going to work here in Nigeria?

  17. Pamala Fulcher

    Hi, I believe we are in the same company and I am looking to grow my business and get out of debt. Much like you, I was a customer before I became a builder, and now I am committed to building my team!!!!
    Here is the problem…My director, who is my sister, is great, but most of the people above her, who are the ones training us, are focused on the negative of other products rather than focusing on the positive of the current products. I recently had my in house which was done by someone 4 levels above me, whom I thought would be wonderful! Turns out she took 3HOURS!!!! to do the presentation, and all of my guests were so overwhelmed that none of them wanted to have anything to do with it. The presentation I went to lasted about 45 min and that is what I expected. Now half of my contact list is gone simply because I let this person do my presentation and put a sour taste about the presentation. I REALLY believe in these products, and have seen great results, so I want to share them with others, but now I have contacted over 100 people and none of them are interested, so I really need some sound advice as to know where my steps should lead. I have begun talking to people at different places such as volunteer organizations I’m involved with and daycare mom’s. Anywhere. My idea is this, I would like to put my efforts to work on a larger scale. If I have a display and a presentation, I would like to be able to do ‘seminars’ on Eco-friendly products and awareness of toxins in the home. I would like to create an online registration so I can know how many to expect and eventually rent out conference rooms for groups. Thanks for your time, let me know if you have any ideas on this process??

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      Doing events and seminars can work, if you are good at marketing and know how to fill the room up with guests. It can get costly to rent rooms, have audio visual equipment and resources/samples/supplies on hand. The business is still built best one one one. My advice is to learn what to say to people, to hone your skills one on one, before you invest a bunch of money in meeting rooms and events.

  18. Gina

    Hi Chuck, I received your CD in the mail on “How To Choose The Right MLM Company” and have listened to it numerous times on my way to work then home. It has a lot of great information and hope to get your next one if available. I have tried many different companies and quit before giving them a real chance, so your CD really hit home! I just wanted to thank you so much for putting your CD out….Sincerely, Gina

      1. Florence Amogu

        Hi Sir Am Motivated By Your Words But There Is No Provision For My Country Why Is It U.s Alone? Pls Reply

          1. comfort

            How do i work with you when theere’s no provision for my country? I’m in Nigeria. Please i need to hear from you

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