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There are several types of calls known as a Herbalife call. In the paragraphs below, I want to share four types of calls you might make with your Herbalife business.

1. Three-Way Call: This is a popular type of Herbalife call where someone from your upline helps you three-way call your prospect. Typically, your upline will present the business opportunity to your prospect for you, while you listen to the conversation and learn the ropes. This is how most new distributors learn how to share the Herbalife business opportunity.

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2. Herbalife Training Call: The company also offers weekly and monthly training calls. These are offered by the company and hosted by successful distributors who can teach you a variety of topics to include selling products, finding customers, how to sponsor, how to present the business opportunity, etc. In my opinion, the calls are very helpful and beneficial.

3. Presentation Call: This type of Herbalife call is when you call your prospect to share the business opportunity with them. A good presentation call will last 30-45 minutes. You need a simple agenda to follow.

4. Herbalife Prospecting Call: This is when you call leads, in order to find potential customers and distributors. You can purchase leads or generate leads on your own, and then give them a call. This can be effective if you have high quality leads. The purpose of a prospect call is to book an appointment, so you can conduct a presentation call at a future date.

As you can see there are many types of Herbalife calls. If you want to build a successful Herbalife business, you need to develop your phone skills. It’s probably the most important skill that you can develop, in order to succeed with your Herbalife business. Obviously, this won’t happen overnight. But, if you are committed, dedicated, and willing to learn, you can develop these skills in no time.

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5 thoughts on “Herbalife Call

  1. Chrystlyn Edwards

    The realistic advice given in the article about starting a Herballife business is excellent and informative. Behind every successful business of any type, excellent customer service skills are a must. I had no idea there was so much behind the scenes work to be done to make a Herbalife business run successful, especially with the 4 types of calls. I learn something new every day. Very enlightening article.

  2. kelly b

    What I was thinking when I read this was how intimidating people find sales calls, and how intimidating or impossible people thing running a business like herbalife, or any direct sales company, would be. But really these are all the same phone skills and types of calls you would deal with working inside sales, outside sales, marketing or most positions in a “regular office job”. It strikes me that if people really thought about that part – they could stop limiting themselves!

    1. Greg Boudonck

      Intimidation is one of the first enemies of the person making a sales call. As a salesperson, telemarketer or just a normal business person, this is a fear that needs to be broken.

      At a time in my life I worked in both direct sales and telemarketing. I felt intimidation also. There are many ways to break this. Some will tell you to picture the people naked (didn’t work for me, I laughed too much). Others will tell you to just picture a person that you could talk to well (family member, friend, etc.)

      I suggest that a person listen to Zig Ziglar and also Carnegie courses are very good to take. Don’t allow your fears to overtake your opportunities to make a great income!

      Here is the link to the Carnegie site–I hope that is ok Blogmaster?? If not, I apologize.



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