Your MLM Customers Will Be Your Best Distributors

Did you know that your MLM Customers will naturally become your best distributors?  When you can find someone who truly loves the product, and sees a tremendous value in it, there is a good chance they will upgrade from customer to distributor.

Most network marketers are simply taught to go out and look for people to sponsor.

I think that’s a big mistake because (1) most people want nothing to do with your business opportunity and (2) most people who do join will quit.

Even if you are good at sponsoring, you might be good enough to sponsor one out of every ten or twenty people you talk to.

And of those folks you do sponsor, nine out of ten will quit by the end of the first year.

I just don’t see the traditional way of building a network marketing business as a very smart way to do it!

Instead, be customer oriented.

Lead with the products.

Find people who buy the products because they WANT to.

Treat these people well and by all means, let them know about the business opportunity.

Many of these folks will want to naturally upgrade in due time to save money on the products and to make a little bit of money.

Once again, I believe your customers will be your best source of new distributors.

Someone who is just buying the products to qualify for commissions will stop ordering the products when they quit the business.

I challenge you to go out this year and find 100 new customers for your network marketing business.  That’s about two a week.

Talk to two or three people every day about your products.  Do that for a year and you will have a lot of customers.

Get people using the products and you will make money (retail profits) AND your organization will naturally grow in the process.

Just remember, your MLM Customers will be your best distributors.

These are the folks who started off as customers, fell in love with the products and naturally wanted to do the business.

This is exactly the type of person you are looking for.

What are your thoughts about getting customers and upgrading them into distributors? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

A Common Mistake That Network Marketers Make

One of the most common mistakes that network marketers make is not staying in touch with their prospects on a regular basis.

They talk to someone ONE TIME about their business, and if they hear the word NO, they never stay in touch with that person in the future.

They’re just off looking for the next person to get started.

Whatever you do, don’t make that mistake!

You need to realize that many of the folks who tell you NO today will tell you YES at a future date IF you stay in touch with them.

You see, the timing in people’s lives changes.  Today, everything in their life might be just dandy.

But who knows what the future will bring.

They might get a new, crazy boss.  They might get divorced.  They might lose their job.  They might relocate.  They might get sick.  They might develop new goals.

Whatever the reason may be, when the timing changes, they will be ready for your business!

But the only way they will ever join you is if you stayed in touch with them.

So make sure you do a few things.

First and foremost, have a long term plan for your business.  Make it a point to commit at least five years to the same company.

Next, start collecting the contact information of everyone you come in contact with.  Get people’s name, email, phone number and mailing address.  Add these names to your contact manager.

The next step is to keep in touch with EVERYONE on your rolodex at least once a month.

Send out a monthly newsletter.

Call people every couple months.  Send periodic emails just to see how they are doing.  Send holiday and birthday cards.

Doing these little things will work wonders.

People will start calling you!

People will start joining your team without you even asking them to!

How does that sound?

Remember, your biggest team builders five years from now will be people who told you NO initially.

Act like a smart network marketer and stay in touch with everyone.

Build a huge rolodex of names.  Be a network marketing professional and have a game plan to stay in touch often.

Show people that you care.  Show people that you know what you are doing.  Show people you are serious.  Show people you are a network marketing professional.

Do that and your team will grow.  Don’t do it and you will keep struggling.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.


Top 8 Different Ways to Build Your MLM Business

There are many different ways to build your MLM Business.  Interview 100 top earners and you will quickly discover that they used 100 different strategies.  Some of these popular business building strategies include home parties, one-on-one meetings, YouTube videos, blogging, solo ads and email marketing, events and social media.  In the paragraphs below I will go in more detail about these.

# 1 Home Parties – Home parties are still a very popular and effective way to grow your network marketing business.  With a home party, you simply get started by inviting five to ten friends over to your house.  You do a 30 to 60 minute business presentation that explains your company and products.  You review the products, compensation plan, and company.  You answer questions and sign up people who are interested.   Initially, you start with a home party at your house, but you try to expand it to other people’s homes as quickly as possible. Home parties work.  I’ve used them myself with much success.

# 2 Party-Plan – Do not overlook the party plan.  This is on one of the best and easiest ways to make sales and expand your customer base.  What I love about the party plan is that is a lot of fun.  Similar to a home party, you invite over five to twenty people and focus on selling the products.  You can also find a host who will invite friends over to her house.  The party plan works great with food products, jewelry, skin care items, cosmetics, health products, cookware and just about anything else.  The party plan is fun and you can be in front of an audience of at least five to ten people at a time.  I think this is the best method to acquire customers.

# 3 One-on-One Meetings – These meetings are where you meet someone at a coffee shop or at their home and explain what you do in a private, quiet setting.  I’ve found that the best way to build a network marketing is either one-on-one or in a small group setting.  Basically, you invite your prospect to meet with you in a one-on-one setting and you take 20 to 45 minutes to share what you have to offer.  I’ve found this to be very effective.

# 4 YouTube – Some people have leveraged YouTube to build their network marketing business.  I don’t think this is a good PRIMARY strategy to build a downline, but it’s a good way to supplement another method.  I have a YouTube Channel with more than 130 videos about my opportunity and products.  People who watch the videos can contact me to learn more about it.   The beauty of YouTube is that the videos often rank high in the search engines, so you can get a lot of eyeballs to see your videos.  If you do your videos right, you can convert a lot of these eyeballs into customers and distributors on your team.  Your key to success is to provide value.  Make good quality videos with good information.  Don’t come across as a desperate salesman!

# 5 Blogging – I generate a lot of leads through this blog and my other website.  Creating your own blog is a TIME CONSUMING and LONG TERM approach to generating leads and building your MLM Business.  Don’t expect any type of results for at least a year using this method. However, once your blog is established and you have a loyal following, you can get a lot of customers and distributors with a blog.

# 6 Solo Ads and Email Marketing – Solo ads and email marketing are another common way to build a network marketing business.  Basically, you buy a solo ad and send your email to someone else’s email list.  You send them to a capture page and convert them into a lead. You have your own auto-responder that automatically follows up with them.  Assuming you have good sales copy in your emails, you can convert some of these folks into customers and distributors.  The best part is that your auto-responder does the work for you 24/7.

# 7 Events – Events are a very SMART way to build your network marketing business.  You could rent a booth at a tradeshow, a job fair, or even a flea market.  You can display your products and focus on generating leads.  What’s great about events are that your prospects comes to you!  You simply answer people’s questions, collect leads, and follow up with people.  This method can be expensive, depending upon the venue, so I suggest you start small and look for free or low cost events in your local area, to see what type of results you get.

# 8 Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be a great way to build your MLM Business.  Just about every network marketer I know of is on Facebook.  Unfortunately, most people do it the wrong way.  They simply blast and puke their links and business opportunity all over their wall.  I’m sure you’ve seen it before.  The real key to success is to provide value.  Share pics and photos.  Offer tips, quotes and inspirational thoughts. Basically, draw people in, rather than pitch them.

You can build your network marketing business using ANY of these methods.  There is no right or wrong method. You have to find something that works for you that you feel comfortable doing.  I highly suggest you do face to face prospecting, even if you plan on doing stuff online.  Utilize the one-on-one and/or home parties at a bare bones minimum.

What I’d like to do for a moment is keep it real with you and put things in perspective.

At the end of the day, to succeed in MLM you need to talk to people!  You need to connect with 2-3 people a day and you need to show at least 10 business presentations per month for at least two years BEFORE you will make it big.  That is the best piece of advice I can share with you.

The best way to share the business is one-on-one or in small groups.  Thinking that someone will just click on your link online and sign up as a distributor is highly unlikely.

That being said, there are TONS of ways to generate leads and meet people.  Just remember that if you meet people online your goal is to get them offline as quickly as possible.  That way you can connect with them as a person and build a relationship with them.

My final tip is to pick ONE of these strategies and focus on nothing else for at least a year.  If you try to do too many strategies at once, you won’t get very far.

What are your thoughts about this?  How do you build your network marketing business? What are the different ways to build your MLM Business as you see it?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

The Best Form of MLM Advertising is Word of Mouth Advertising

It’s true; the best form of MLM Advertising is word of mouth advertising.  Nothing else even comes close.

You have to realize that people will listen to a recommendation from someone that they know, like and trust, much more than they will listen to something they read in an email or see on a paid advertisement.

Remember that people are BOMBARDED with marketing and advertising messages every single day. Most of these messages they naturally tune out.

In recent years, network marketers have been taught that old school MLM was dead.  Heck, I even believed it myself for a period of time.

We have been taught that the internet is the solution to everything.

I myself have been tempted by the sexiness of the internet.

I have tried MANY different strategies to generate leads, find new distributors and customers.

Almost EVERY method I chose did not work anywhere near as well for me as word of mouth advertising.

And trust me, I have done it all.

  • I have placed ads in newspapers
  • I have done YouTube videos
  • I’ve done drop cards
  • I’ve done blogging
  • I’ve done email marketing
  • I’ve done solo ads
  • I’ve done article marketing
  • I’ve done pay per click

I could go on and on.

And while I have sponsored a decent amount of folks using these methods, I’ve always done much better just talking to people face to face.

That is truly the way our business was designed to be done.

Many people have forgotten that.

Many online systems and websites are telling you that face to face prospecting and recruiting DOES NOT work.  They tell you it’s old school and outdated.

I have to tell you that that is a lie!

It does work.

Think about this for a moment.

When a friend recommends a movie, do you go see it?

When your neighbor tells you about an amazing restaurant do you go to it?

When your brother calls you up and tells you about his new sports car, and what he loves about it, do you listen?

Of course you do.

Word of mouth advertising has been going on for a long time, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

You are much more likely to listen to someone you know, like and trust, than listen to a complete stranger or advertisement.

So, here’s a few things for you to consider.

First of all, your warm market is your greatest source of new reps and customers and referrals.

People who know you, like you and trust you are MOST likely to buy from you.

You should always meet people and talk to people face to face whenever possible.

By all means, do some things online too, but don’t neglect the two other tips I just shared with you.

Don’t think you can hide behind your computer and build a huge team.

And if you do meet someone online, connect with them offline as quickly as possible.

In summary, as I see it, the best form of MLM Advertising is word of mouth advertising. Make it a point to talk to people every day.  Get to know people, so they know you, like you and trust you, and you will be a huge team.

It really is that simple.  Don’t over complicate things!

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts?

Building Roots and Strong Legs in Your MLM Group

Building roots and strong legs in your MLM Group is vital for your long-term success in network marketing.  Ultimately, you want five to ten legs in your team (minimum) that are EACH hundreds of people deep with thousands of distributors in each leg.  This is where your long term security and profitability come from.

If I had to choose between having 100 people personally sponsored with no depth or 10 legs each 10 people deep, I would choose 10 legs each 10 people deep.   And five legs that were each 20 people deep would be an even better option.

When you sponsor someone, you want to help them sponsor a few people as QUICKLY as possible.  The sooner, the better.  You want to help them find two to five distributors and a few customers.

As soon as you do that, you immediately want to shift your efforts and work with their most excited person.  You want to repeat the process with them.  You keep doing this over and over in depth and NEVER stop.  Every month you should be working at the bottom most point of each leg in your group.

This creates a fire in the basement and keeps EVERYONE above them excited.

If possible, you want to drive each leg AT LEAST 100 people deep.  500 people is even better. The beauty of doing this is that you will find LEADERS in depth who do what you do and as a result, your business will EXPLODE.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight.  It will take you a few years or more to get a leg that deep, but once it’s built, you are really set.

In the beginning of building your team, you will have to personally sponsor 20 to 30 people to find five to ten people who will let you work with them and do what I just explained.  Once you have those folks identified, you want to explain your game plan to them and start building depth immediately.

Until you have several legs that are DEEP, your business will be unstable.  If you have large width, but not depth, you won’t earn anywhere near the type of money that you could, either.

To put things in perspective think about an oak tree. for a moment  Oak trees can grow to be enormous. However, what you see ABOVE the ground isn’t as big as what is below the ground.  These oak tress have a huge root system DEEP into the ground.  That is what makes the tree above ground stable and strong.

The same holds true in your MLM Business.

Just remember to go wide fast and then GO DEEP!  And remember, even if you only get paid on your first 10 levels, it still makes sense to drive your legs 100 levels deep.  These folks will roll up and become part of your team when people leave the business.  It also gives you added security.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.