Discovery Toys Review

The purpose of this webpage is to provide an independent review of Discovery Toys. Please know that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Also, Discovery Toys is a registered trademark, owned by the company. All information was collected from independent research.

About the Company

Discovery Toys is a network marketing/direct sales company that manufactures educational toys for children. They use the multi-level marketing business model to sell and distribute their products. That means that independent “Educational Consultants” sell the products via word-of-mouth advertising at in-home parties.

Lane Nemeth started the company in 1978. It currently does business in the United States and Canada. Their motto is “Teach. Play. Inspire.” The company headquarters is located in Livermore, California.

Discover Toys manufactures high quality educational toys for infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children. Most of the products are for children between the ages of 0-8 years old. They also offer educational products for special needs children and children with autism. The products include toys, books, music and games. All products come with a life-time guarantee. Additionally, the products focus on math, exploration, reading, language, thinking, motor skills and expression. Most of the toys are $20 or less.

Getting Started

How do you get started in your own Discovery Toys business? First of all, you need a sponsor. That person is the person who shares the business opportunity with you and agrees to train you and help you. Once you find a potential sponsor, you pay the registration fee and agree to the company’s rules and regulations. At this point, you become an “Educational Consultant.” Next, you can purchase a starter pack, which gives you several sample toys and business support materials. Once you do that, you now have your own Discovery Toys business.

I should note that if you can’t find a sponsor in your local area, just call the company and then will find someone for you.

How You Make Money

How do you earn money with a Discovery Toys business? Actually, it’s quite simple. You start by having “in home parties” where you conduct a sales presentation and share the benefits of the products. When you sell the products at the in-home party, you keep the wholesale-retail difference. You can also earn free products and bonuses based off the total sales from the party.

Additionally, you can also earn income by sharing the business opportunity with others and helping new people start their own Discovery Toys business. When you do that, you can earn overrides and commissions off their sales. You can also earn leadership bonuses, expense paid trips and get plenty of recognition for building a large Discovery Toys business.

To keep things simple you make money by selling the products, by sponsoring others, and by building leaders. 

Tips for Building a Discovery Toys Business

How do you build a large Discovery Toys business?  I think there are a few keys to success.

Of course, you need to use your own products so you are familiar with them and know the features and benefits.  This will make it easier for you to sell the products.

Another suggestion is to be COMMITTED to your business for several YEARS. Even if you are building your business part-time, you need to work it at least a few hours a week, every week, for a few years.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It takes most businesses a year or so just to get profitable and work out the kinks.

It also helps to have a game plan.  You should have a simple business plan and have a clear marketing strategy that details how you will find leads and get new customers and reps.  You should also find a mentor in your upline who is successful and willing to help you.  And finally, you must make your business a high priority in your life.  No, it doesn’t have to be up there with your family or day job, but you must make it a priority and schedule time to build your business every week.  Success won’t happen by accident.

Some people earn a full-time income selling Discovery Toys.  And others earn enough to supplement their income and/or get their products free.  Many reps join just to get a discount on their purchases.  What you do is totally up to you.

Building a Team

The key to making the big money with Discovery Toys is to leverage yourself by building team of customers and distributors.  Ultimately, your goal is to find a few customers, sponsor a few people and then teach everyone on your team to do the same thing.

Most of the successful distributors in every company sponsor at least 50-100 people personally and then shift their efforts to help these people succeed.  By doing so, you can eventually have a team with hundreds, even thousands of people.

As you sponsor people, work with them closely to teach them the ropes and help them succeed.  Ultimately, your goal is to find three to five LEADERS who are as serious about the business as you are. Once you do that, just shift your efforts to helping and supporting these folks.

Final Thoughts

After conducting a thorough analysis of Discovery Toys, I think it’s a viable business opportunity for anyone. The company has a proven reputation, strong financial backing, a great product at a great price, and great leadership. More importantly, they have a strong infrastructure in place to support their independent sales force. Simply put, the company seems to have its act together.

What do you think?  If you have experience with Discovery Toys, I would love to hear from you.  Just leave a comment below to share your experience.

Automated MLM Prospecting System: What It Is and How it Works

Today, I want to talk to you about creating your own Automated MLM Prospecting System. I’ll teach you what one is, why you need one and how it works.  I can speak from personal experience since my network marketing business is 100% online and 100% automated.

First and foremost, an automated MLM Prospecting System is simply a process or procedure of generating leads online, and converting those leads into customers and distributors.  It’s a standardized, documented way of running and growing your business.  It’s a system that works for you, even while you sleep.

Why do you need one?  Mostly to work smart.  We all only have so much time in a day. Talking to people is still a good idea, but I also think it’s foolish NOT to leverage technology. The Internet gives you instant access to almost six BILLION people worldwide, and many of these folks are great prospects.  Why not use the internet to meet some of these folks?

I’ll be the first to admit that most network marketers do not have their own Automated MLM Prospecting System.  Instead, most network marketers prospect people face to face and talk to people they meet in every day life.  And while those methods still work great, they aren’t the ONLY way to build a network marketing business.  And they definitely aren’t the way that I want to build my business.

I can’t speak for you, but I want to leverage the internet and have my own systems that let me work smart and generate leads, customers and new distributors, 24/7.  I don’t like pitching people and I don’t like prospecting strangers in day to day life.  I don’t like rejection either.  Yes, I like to talk to people and engage in a friendly conversation, but I don’t want to feel pressured to try to recruit them into my business.

My online system is pretty simple.  It consists of two major components.  The first major component is my blog.  My blog is designed for people in my target market: other network marketers.  I write a daily blog post six days a week.  My content is found in the search engines and a percentage of the people who visit my blog “opt-in” to my email list and become a lead.  I give away a free MLM Boot Camp in exchange for someone joining my list.

People who join my email list get frequent emails from me, 2-3 times per week.  These emails are designed to help me build a relationship with my leads by educating, helping and inspiring them.  I don’t puke my business all over them.  I let them know what I do, but my emails are really designed to teach them new skills and motivate them.

When the timing is right for them, some people on my list call me to join my team.  They typically don’t have any questions.  They just want to know how to sign and how to get started.  I never get rejected.  This is the beauty of my system.

My system also provides MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.  I make money even when people don’t join my network marketing team, because I recommend different tools, training materials, systems and lead sources in my follow-up emails.  Talk about a winning 1-2 combination.

The second system I use to generate prospects is pay per click advertising.  While many folks hate PPC, I like it.  I generate dirt cheap leads all the time (less than $2 per lead).  I advertise a free MLM CD or a free weight loss report to get people on my list and then I share my products and business with them via email.

These are the only two things I do to grow my business.  Sure, I talk to people I meet from time to time, but it is not my primary or only strategy.  What I like about my Automated MLM Prospecting System is that it doesn’t take me much time.  I work on my business less than one hour per day.

In addition, I meet people from all over the world.  People CALL ME.  I am the hunted, not the hunter.  And when they call they are very happy to talk to me.  To me, this is a lot more enjoyable than getting constant rejection from others.

I will be the first to admit that there are MANY types of Automated MLM Prospecting Systems.  Some people use capture pages.  Some folks use Facebook Ads.  Some people use newspaper classifieds to drive people to a capture page.  Some folks use auto-dialers.  Some folks use postcards.  The options really are endless.

At the end of the day you need a system that (1) drives traffic to a website, (2) captures the leads, and (3) follows up automatically with an auto-responder.  That is really the three things that your system must do.

Once again, if you’re doing Old School MLM, don’t stop.  Old School stuff works.  But, you will get even better results if you can combine online and offline MLM.

What do you think?  What do you use for an Automated MLM Prospecting System?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you do.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Building Your MLM Business Without Using Your Upline’s System

Today, I want to write a post about building your MLM Business without using your upline’s system.  While I am a big fan of systems, I will be the first to admit that one system will not work for everyone on a team.

You see, everyone is different.  We all have different personalities, strengths, skills and talents.  Telling everyone they have to build the business the same way is dumb and foolish as I see it.

Asking someone who is scared to speak in groups to do home parties is just plain old dumb. Asking distributors who are naturally shy to utilize the three foot rule is foolish.  Asking someone who is good at online marketing to build their business the old school way is stupid.

I could go on and on here, but I hope you are starting to see my point.

What you really want to do as a MLM Sponsor is help EACH team member determine a plan of attack that works for them, based upon their strengths, talents, personality and skills. 

Does that make sense to you?

That is my system for building my business.  I teach my team MANY different ways to build their business and they can choose what is best for them.

Yes, I see the benefits of teaching a standardized system to everyone on your team.  Having everyone on your team do and say the same things sounds good in theory.  But in reality it seldom works.


Because many team members won’t feel comfortable using that method, and therefore, they won’t build a business.

So, what does all of this mean to you?

Well, if you are serious about your network marketing business, you need to learn a few different ways to build a business, so you can give your team members different ideas to choose from.

You also need to figure out what your own system will be, based upon your personality, strengths, talents, and skills.

Personally, I hate SELLING.  There, I said it.  Yes, I am a people person and enjoy chatting with people, but I don’t like to sell.  So, I do all of my selling, recruiting and sponsoring by WRITING.  That’s right, I build my business by blogging every day.  It works for me.  I am happy.  And I get good results.

In the past, I’ve used other methods offered by my upline, but it just never felt comfortable for me.  I wasn’t happy.  Something didn’t feel right.  I didn’t like the idea that the only reason I was talking to someone was to get them on my team or to sell them something.

It wasn’t until I became a student of the industry and a student of marketing that everything started to come together.

To succeed, you will want to do the same thing!  You need to find something that WORKS FOR YOU.  Until you do that you won’t get the results that you could and you will be ultra FRUSTRATED.

It will be like revving a car up to 8,000 RPMs, only to be stuck in neutral.

So, here is what I recommend you do right now.

# 1 Make a list of things you are naturally good at.  Brainstorm different ways you could grow your network marketing business by using your own strengths and talents.  Take out a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to your mind.  For example, my strengths are writing and online marketing, so I chose to build my business online by blogging.

# 2 Learn everything you can about the method you choose.  Become an expert in that method.  Once you know which method you want to go with, you have to become an expert in that method.  You will do that by staying in the trenches and working on that method day in and day out.  You should also read books and listen to audio training on the subject and learn everything you can about it.  It wouldn’t hurt to find a mentor who is an expert in that method.

# 3 Learn a few additional methods so you can teach your team how to do them.  If you are building a team, you should know at least a few different good ways to build a network marketing business, so you can give your team members several options to choose from. And you should teach this process to them.

# 4 Implement and take massive action using your method. You still need to do the work. Don’t spend so much time trying to learn about the method that you forget to implement it. This is without a doubt the most important step in the process.  Without this step nothing will work.

# 5 Learn, grow and tweak things as you go. You won’t be an expert overnight.  It will more than likely take you a couple years to really build up your expertise and become an expert in your chosen marketing method.  You will keep making small improvements and changes as you learn.  Incremental growth is a powerful thing.

# 6 Never stop learning and fine tuning what you do.  Become a master of your craft.  Keep fine tuning your process and before you know you will be very streamlined and efficient at what you do.  I make small tweaks and adjustments to my strategy every day.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there are MANY different ways to build a successful MLM Business. Ultimately, you have to pick a method or approach that works for you, based upon your own talents, strengths and skills.  Only you can determine which method will be best for you. Follow the six steps mentioned above and you will be well on your way.

What are your thoughts about building your MLM Business without using your upline’s system?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Agel Review

Welcome to my Agel review page. Agel is a network marketing company that manufactures liquid gels. They offer a wide variety of nutritional and skin care gels to include gel strips, cleansing gels, night gels, topical gels and more.

The Products

In my opinion, their product line is very unique compared to most other network marketing companies. All products come with a money-back guarantee.  The company manufactures the products and has an independent sales force that sells the products via word of mouth advertising. The company maintains the inventory, processes orders, ships the orders, handles customer service issues, tracks commissions and pays its independent distributors. On the other hand, the distributors spend their time finding customers, generating sales and sponsoring new Agel distributors.

Corporate Information

The company’s global headquarters is in Lehi, Utah. It was started by Glen Jensen in 2005. The company’s mission statement is to “empower individuals to achieve a new level of health, financial success and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them.” The company uses the “Quadra-Plan” compensation plan. It currently does business in the United States, Russia, Israel, India, and about thirty other countries.

To join Agel, you need a sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who shares the business opportunity with you and agrees to coach, train and motivate you. To get started, you must pay an enrollment fee and agree to abide by the company’s terms and conditions. It’s really that simple.

How do you make money with Agel?

You can make money with the company by retailing and recruiting.  I suggest that all new distributors find at least 10-20 customers BEFORE they go out and try to sponsor people. That way, they have an immediate income and profit in their business.   To do that, use the products yourself and simply share them with others.

The second way to make money with Agel is to build a team of distributors, also known as a downline. You can build a downline by sharing the business opportunity with friends, family-members and casual acquaintances. You can meet prospects in everyday life or you can advertise in the local newspaper or online to find new prospects. The top earners use a variety of advertising methods to generate leads and find new distributors and customers.

Getting Started

Once your prospect decides to sign up as an Agel distributor, they pay the enrollment fee and agree to abide by the company’s terms and agreements in the distributor contract. Next, your goal is to help them find retail customers and new downline members. You can do this by helping them build a name list and by scheduling several in-home presentations with their prospects. In essence, you become their personal Agel Coach. And the more customers and downline they get, the more money you make. After all, you earn overrides and commissions from your entire group’s sales. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to help your new distributors succeed.

As you progress through the achievement levels with the company, you can earn travel awards, expense allowances, team commissions, matching bonuses and even a luxury car bonus (up to $3,000 per month). They also offer a leadership pool, which is distributed amongst the top producers each month. In my opinion, the company does a wonderful job rewarding the people who consistently produce.

What is the key to success with Agel?

Like any other network marketing company, success is simply a numbers game. The people who make the most amount of money are the people who share the products and business opportunity with the most amount of people. Most top earners have 20 to 50 personal retail customers and hundreds (or thousands) of people in their downline. That doesn’t mean they necessarily sponsored all those distributors themselves. In many cases, they personally sponsored 30 to 50 distributors and helped each of them sponsor a few. And then they helped those few sponsor a few. They repeated this process over and over until they had a large sales organization. That’s the power of network marketing, leverage and duplication.

Another key point to know is that the company is not some get-rich-quick scheme. They are a legitimate MLM business opportunity. Most of the top earners spent three to five years building their business, before they earn a substantial income. More importantly, they treat their business like a real business right from day one. They don’t treat it like a hobby or part-time job. Instead, they take ownership and understand the potential of network marketing.

If you are looking for a get rich quick type of company, or a company that requires little or no effort to succeed, you should not join this company. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t have any kind of business.  All businesses require lots of hard work.

Final Thoughts

After conducting a thorough Agel review, I believe that Agel is a very good business opportunity for someone looking to get involved in network marketing. It offers an exceptional, unique product line, an awesome compensation plan, and great distributor support. The company is financially sound, has a great reputation, effective leadership and consistent growth. Simply put, it has everything you need in a multi-level marketing company.

If you like network marketing, and are looking for a wellness company to join, Agel might just be the right fit for you. By all means, do your homework first, before you join. Start out as a customer first and then sign up as a distributor if you enjoy the products.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you will achieve success with Agel. All businesses come with a certain level of risk. But if you find a mentor, develop a game plan, work hard and stay persistent, there’s a good chance you will achieve great success with the company. Thanks for reading my Agel review.

Disclaimer: Please know that I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Agel is a registered trademark owned by the company.

Ambit Energy Review

Ambit Energy is a retail energy company that offers electricity and natural gas for consumers in the United States. The retail energy industry is the largest industry to ever deregulate in American history.

Since the deregulation of the energy industry, consumers now have more options of where they can get their natural gas and electricity from. Although the services are still delivered the same way as before to each residence, consumers can now choose who they purchase the energy from.

This deregulation has made an immediate positive impact for consumers, because now companies must compete with other companies. This encourages competition, lower prices, and provides real value to consumers. When you have more than one choice, you can comparison shop and find the best deal. On the other hand, when there is a monopoly, you typically get the short end of the stick.

About the Company

Ambit opened for business in 2006. It was started by Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless of Texas. The two entrepreneurs brainstormed the business idea in a local Potbelly Restaurant in Dallas. From day one, the company grew quickly. In 2008, revenues were $200 million. In 2009, revenues were over $325 million. Last year, revenues were even higher. According to the Inc. 500, Ambit is the # 1 fastest growing privately held company in America in 2010. Pretty impressive, huh!

The company doesn’t produce any energy itself. Instead, it buys energy at wholesale prices and then lets its independent sales force sell the energy through the direct sales/network marketing business model. The company processes orders, handles billing, resolves customers service issues, tracks commissions and pays its distributors.

On the other hand, the independent sales force educates consumers about the products and business opportunity. The company currently has more than 70,000 independent agents. The corporate headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

As the company enters more states, it should continue to experience significant growth and become a multi-billion dollar company. With revenues of a few hundred million in a just a few markets, think about how big the company will be once it hits all fifty states? Ambit Energy currently offers its services in Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Ambit vs. Regular Energy Companies

Ambit is unlike most traditional energy companies. It actually provides great customer support and offers you incentives to become a customer. For instance, the company offers a free gift when new customers agree to sign up for Ambit’s Energy Services. At the present time, the company provides a free 3 day/2 night stay at a hotel. I find that pretty impressive. You can also earn free travel rewards. Once you refer enough customers to the company, you can even earn a free energy bill every month. My current utility company doesn’t let me do that.

Tips on Joining

You can join Ambit Energy as a customer or as a distributor. As a customer, you simply switch your electric and/or natural gas provider to Ambit. This will help you save money on your electric bill. As a customer, you can refer others to Ambit Energy and receive discounted bills and additional rewards, too. It doesn’t cost anything to become a customer. On average, customers save between one and seven percent, compared to their regular utility company.

As a distributor, you are a customer of the product and you help other people join the business opportunity. You share the business opportunity with friends, family members and acquaintances through one-on-one presentations, in-home meetings, and conference calls. When people sign up as distributors, you help them find customers and new distributors. It really is that simple.

As you progress through the achievement levels, you can also earn leadership bonuses, rewards, cash incentives, trips and more. From what I found online, the company does a great job rewarding its top distributors. Your key to success is to find a good sponsor and then get busy sharing the products and business opportunity with everyone you meet.

Please know that this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate business opportunity that requires lots of hard work and consistent efforts. After all, network marketing is simply a numbers game. The more people you share the products and business opportunity with, the better you will do.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I believe that Ambit Energy is a reliable, reputable company with an exceptional service. Before you pursue the business opportunity, I think you should try out their services as a customer first to see how much money you can save on your energy bills. If you like the service and think it is a good value for customers, than sign up as a distributor so you can share it with others.

Please know that I am in no way affiliated with Ambit Energy. The purpose of this review was to educate you about the company. Ambit Energy is a registered trademark. All information in this review was collected from independent research.

On a side note, if you are currently involved with the company as a customer or distributor, I would love to hear your story. Please share your testimonial or success story with others, so we can spread the word about Ambit Energy. Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts.